Zee Tv Serial Main Hoon Aparajita Twists: Akshay Apologizes Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita Serial Written Story:

Zee5 Mein Hoon Aparajita is an Indian drama television series. The story revolves around a lady Aparajita. She is deserted by her husband. She alone takes care of her three daughters. Her husband on the other side has married another lady and has a daughter. you can watch Main Hoon Aparajita Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

This drama known as MHA premiered on September 2022, 27 on the Television channel Zee Tv. It is produced by Sokesh Motwani. Shweta Tiwari was roped in for the main female lead as Aparajita Akshay Singh and Manav Gohil for the male lead as Akshay Singh. Aparajita is a strong lady. She is the only takes care of the family after her husband left her. She has three daughters Chavi, Disha, and Asha. Chavi has a very polite nature. All sisters share a lovely bond. Aparajita wants to make her daughters strong and independent. She drives a cab to run to her house. And also has a laundry. She works really hard to earn. Life gives her tough times but she chose to stay positive. Her biggest support is her mother-in-law. She chose to live with her instead of his son. 

Akshay returns back in the family

The story takes a turn when Akshay comes back to the house after years. He pretends to be nice to everyone but in reality, he wants to get the house. Akshay’s mother, Aparjita and Disha didn’t believe her in spite of his nice behavior. But he succeeds in gaining Chavi’s trust. Chavi thinks that his father has realized his mistakes and come back. That is why she went with him to celebrate her birthday. It was actually Akshay’s plan to tease Aparjita.  He feels hatred for Aparjita because he thinks that her daughters and mother are at a distance from him due to her. On the other hand, Chavi’s stepmother Mohini is always jealous of Aparjita. Though, She believes that it is Aparjita due to which his husband never finds solace in her. But, She is always in between them. She plans with Akshay to get their Kahandani house. 

Aparajita needs 30k urgent for Disha’s fee. Akshay tries to help her but she refuses. Later she gets a laundry order from the hotel. She becomes very happy. The hotel manager signs a contract with her. It is the same hotel where Mohini is staying. He gets to know about Aparajita’s order. But he plans to cancel this order. She blames Aparjita’s laundry has soiled her expensive saree. Ans in this way, the hotels cancel the order. Aparjita is compelled to get help from Akshay. Akshay pays Disha’s fee.  Later, Aparjita signs the papers of the house. But she gave ownership to her mother-in-law. In this way, Akshay can’t sell the house. 

Mohini Enters in Aprajita’s House:

Mohini enters the house with Akshay. Akshay’s mother becomes furious to see Mohini. Disha finds out the saree Mohini is wearing is the same as what was in their laundry. Everyone learns that it was Mohini due to which Aparagita’s order was canceled. Mohini pretends to be nice and asks Aparajita if she can help her to get the order back. But Aparjita refuses to take any kind of help from her. 

Aparjita moves out of the house and starts living in the laundry

Mohini and Akshya start to live in the house. Mohini is finding a chance to throw Aparjita and her daughters out of the house. But Aparjita remains persistent. Later some relative of Mohini tries to kiss Chavi. But Akshay did not believe in Aparjita and Chavi. Aparjita with her daughters moves out of the house. They started to live in the house which is a part of their laundry.

Veer and Chavi’s Relationship:

A boy named Veer confesses her love for Chavi. First of all, Chavi did not believe her but later gets involved with him. Niya comes back to India. Mohini did not like Aparjita living near the house in the laundry. She tries to tease them by throwing their things out of the house and putting a snake in the laundry. The snake bites Mohini herself but she was saved by Aparajita. At the spot, Mohini confesses that she put the snake in the laundry.  Akshay’s attitude changes towards Aparajita and her daughters. 

 Aparajita finds that Veer is not a good guy. Akshay stands with her. But the issue was how to convince Chavi. Aparajita finds proof against Veer. But Mohini tries to remove it by throwing the mobile phone in the water. Akshay went to repair the phone but was kidnapped.  Mohini blames Aparjita for this. But Aparjita makes her realize her mistake. She tells her how she joins hands with Veer in order to destroy Chavi. Mohini realizes her mistake and asks Aparjita to help her. Finally, they find out about Akshay. But he was put into a freezer for a long time and was given a very tough time. She takes him to the hospital so he can recover but things get worse when the drama serial takes a huge twist.

Akshay Loses His Memory: 

 Akshay has lost his memory and just remembers his marriage with Aparjita and his daughter Chavi. Aparjita has to live with Akshay. She enters the house again. It is so difficult for Mohini to digest this. Finally, Aksay gets back his memory. Mohini wants Aparjita to leave the house. But Aparjita decides to live in the house. 

Despite Aparjita’s efforts, Veer and Chavi set to get married. But Aparjita succeeds in showing Veer’s true face to Chavi. Chavi realizes her mistake and apologizes to Aparjita. 

In the latest episodes, we can see a love triangle between Disha, Arjun, and Niya. Disha and Arjun love each other whereas Niya is Arjun’s best friend. She had a crush on Arjun and it is her one-sided love. Arjun and Disha had a misunderstanding between them. Taking Advantage of this, Niya asks Aparjita to help her to get engaged to Arjun. Somehow she also tries to agree with Arjun on this proposal and he agrees because he is angry with Disha. Aparajita does not know that it’s the same guy whom Disha loves. She helps Niya.

Niya and Ajun Get Engaged Secretly:

Finally, the engagement is fixed when Disha comes to know about the matter. She tells Aparajita the truth. Aparjita becomes shocked but asks Disha to remain calm. she argues with Niya that she is doing the same thing which her mother has done. Arjun will not love her because he already loves Disha. Niya is not in the mood of understanding something. Even she blames Aparajita that because of her, her mother never lived a happy life. She says this case is different. I’ll never let Disha come between us. 

On the engagement day, Arjun realizes his mistake. Disha goes to him and congrats him.  Arjun says I don’t love Niya. I’m getting engaged because you left me and misunderstood me. Disha taunts him that she was about to apologize to him but he has such a hurry to engage with Niya. Arjun regrets. But Disha says You have now put the ring on her finger and it cannot be undone. Niya gives all the credit to Aparajita in front of everyone at the party. Aparjita is sad about Disha and thinks she has done wrong to her own daughter.

In the upcoming episodes, what will happen? Will Niya and Arjun gets married? Or Arjun will come back to Disha?

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