Dil Diyaan Gallan Serial Twist: Nimrit Tells Dilpreet Veer’s Secret!

On 12th December 2022, Sony Sab Launched a new Punjabi drama serial Dil Diyaan Gallaan under the banner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. This Hindi drama serial Dil Ki Baatein is produced by Rashmi Sharma and Directed by Jackson Sethi. you can watch Dil Diyaan Gallan Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily. It is digitally available on SonyLIV too. And it casts India’s famous actors in which Kaveri Priyam and Paras Arora are the main leads. But the story revolves around mainly Manpreet Brar Sahab and his two sons. 

Sony Sab Dil Diyaan Gallan Serial Written Story:

Dil Diyaan Gallan drama serial centers around the misunderstandings that took place between family members. And when problems are not resolved they do not end on their own but increase with time. Thus, this fight moves till the next generations and now these youngsters are shown resolving the issues.  They have been trying to reunite their families But their elder’s egos have always created a mess and kept on separating them from each other. Though, they all love each other immensely and deeply but have hidden it inside their hearts.  

The First Episode starts in Hoshiarpur, Punjab where a Sikh community resides. This Brar Family is also a part of that and lives in Hoshiarpur. But Hosiarpur is the main city and their home is in Lonapind/ Mandeep Brar and Randeep Brar are the two young sons of Dilpreet Singh Brar. Diplpreet always had the wish to send his son to America for becoming a doctor. And After completing his education he will come back to his homeland Punjab and open a hospital there. And it will be named Maan Hospital. To complete his dream Dilpreet sends his son to the USA by taking a loan from his Punjabi people.

But Khushwant is the main culprit among all of them. Before taking a loan from Khushwant Dilpreet promises him that after becoming a doctor his son will come back to Punjab and marry his sister ‘Prabhjot. But things take a huge turn down in the future when Maan returns to Hoshiarpur.  

Maan Marries Aastha: 

The drama serial takes a huge shift when Maan gets married to Aastha and brings her home. Rather than thinking what his elder Daughter-in-law will think of him he throws his son out of his son and closes the doors upon him. And asks him to never come back. Not only that he used to send Maan letters to the USA full of cursed words. One day Amrita reads and gets upset that her grandfather holds such hatred towards them. From That day Amrita decided to never lose and always make his father proud.

This time destiny has other plans and Amrita’s thesis got rejected by another professor from India. Amrita comes to India to meet Mr. DungarPal Who in reality is Veer who is hiding his personality. He is a Ph.D. scholar and he did not like Amrita’s idea. To make her thesis approved Amrita decides to come to India so she can prove to her father that she is a strong girl. And she will not let her grandfather’s curses affect their lives. Her friend Adi lies to Maan and her mother ‘Amrita that she is going to Indonesia, not India.

Amrita Lies to Maan and Comes To India:

Though Amrita never told a lie to her father but has to stay quiet for her success. In the next episodes, Amrita comes to India and there she meets some muggers. They take her luggage from her and Meanwhile, she finds, Veer as her consultant. Veer offers her his help and takes her home. Meanwhile, his best friend and Randeep Brar’s daughter Riha are in deep love with him. After seeing Amrita there she starts feeling insecure and jealous of her. But Veer promises her that he will find her language until she will have to stay at Brar’s mansion. Though, Veer, Amrita, Riha, Ddai, and Dada Ji all are unaware of the reality that Amrita is their son Maan’s daughter. But Prabjot (Grandmother) has always felt her presence like her son and her acts are similar to her son Maan Brar. 

Veer Finds out Amrita is a Brar:

In the next episodes, Veer finds out Amrita’s language and there he finds out about her passport. Which leaves him in huge shock that Amrita is Maan’s uncle’s daughter. And that can be the reason that Bhagwan brought her here because he wanted the reunion of the separated family through Amrita. Veer hides the reality from everyone and even from Amrita too. Because he knew if Amoo finds out that the place she is staying is her grandfather’s home. She will not stay there for a second. And Veer could not take the risk to do so. 

Amrita Finds Veer’s Reality:

Furthermore, Riha finds out Amrita’s reality through Veer’s friend Dungar Pal and confronts Veer for hiding the truth. Veer swears to her and requests her not to tell this truth to anyone. Because he has only got this chance to bring Maan’s uncle here. He asks Rihea to promise her she will not tell their secret to anyone. She crosses her fingers and makes a false promise. On the side, She also hides Amrita’s passport and tells her that Veer is the real Dungarpal. Amirta gets s angry at Veer’s lie and claims to leave the house. Veer requests her to not leave because she is the only one who can clear her father’s name. Meanwhile, Amrita also sees the hatred of the village people toward her father. And she promises herself that she will prove her father innocent. 

Biji finds out Amrita is Mandeep’s Daughter:

As the story progress, Biji finds out Amrita’s reality about an event. And she gets so happy to see that Amrita is her son Maan’s daughter. She starts loving her and crying that she has waited 25 years of her life to see this moment. And she did not know whether this time will come or not. Biji and Amrita decide to hide the truth from her grandfather.

Meanwhile, Amrita asks for her passport but Rihea declines to give it back to her. She asks her to get their gold back from her father so they can also live their life happily. Because of her father, her father Randeep has always lived a miserable life. when Amrita finds out Rihea is her younger sister, she accepts her as her sister with honesty. But Rihea has a different personality. She is a selfish one like her mother. 

Amrita takes Help from Aastha for Rihea:

With the help of her mother Astha, Amrita gets the papers signed to help Rihea. But things take a huge shift when the gold locker in the bank was empty. But Maan surprises them by sending the gold in Rihea’s name to India. By claiming that he has never used these ever because he did not need them. The day his father throw him out of the house, his grandmother came to the station and handed over the gold to him. But the situation gets more worsens when the gold seller tells them that the jewelry was not made of gold but it was platinum. Randeep starts hating his brother for his selfish act.

Meanwhile, Amrita finds out about the gold and tries to clear her father’s name but the situation starts getting more toxic. Out of anger, her grandfather Dilpreet Singh Brar puts his Haweli in the broker’s hand to take a loan. So with that loan, he can start his hospital’s construction.

Khushwant tries to kill Biji: DDG 

In the present time, he also knows that Amrita is his grandchild. And he demands her to get out of his house. On the other hand, Biji gets hit by a car intentionally by Khushwant Singh. Because he wanted to take his sister’s revenge on them. Amrita receives a call from Veer at the Airport that they are looking for Biji and she is nowhere. But she gets shocked and asks him where she went.

Then he tells her that she came for her and her phone is also switched off. Amrita leaves the airport to find her Biji but gets stuck there. When she sees her grandmother in a very critical condition. She apologizes to her father Maan for telling him a lie. But this time she will tell him the truth. Which is that she has lost her flight and is not coming back. Maan gets angry and asks her to leave India otherwise he will come there too. Then, Amrita tells him that she stopped here for his mother Biji. Because Khushwant has hit her with his car and is in Comma right now. 

Dil Diyaan Gallan: Maan Comes Back to India after 25-Years

Furthermore, the Dil Diyaan Gallan drama serial comes to its climax when Biji demands Dilpreet (Her Husband) to let Amrita stay with her for a while. After knowing Amrit is not coming back and his mother is ill, Maan could not stop himself. And Finally, he comes to India. But here Khuswant Singh traps Amrita in an illegal case of setting fire to Dilpreet’s warehouse. So he could not start his hospital construction. And puts all the blame on her grandfather who has sent Amrita to jail to take his revenge on Maan.

Meanwhile, Maan reaches Hoshiarpur, and when he comes to know about his daughter. He bursts into anger and there his brother Randeep and Maan had a strong fight. Maan blames him and his father Dilpreet for this. Though Amrita tries to tell her father that her grandfather is innocent he does not want to listen to anything about him. The hatred towards each other was growing rather than decreasing. 

Veer Confesses His Love For Amrita:

In the recent Episodes, During the Holi event, Brar women try to bring their men closer to each other by making them drunk. Their plan works, and both father and sons come closer together, so the love birds Veer, and Amrita too. In that condition, Veer asks Amrita if he can hug her tightly and she agrees on that. He also tells her that he never wanted to marry Rihea. Because he only loves Amrita. And his marriage is only for his father figure Dilpreet Brar Singh.

Meanwhile, Amrita also accepts her love and feelings for him and gives him the idea to run away with her. In the present day Amrita’s best friend was recording all the moments so, he captures their confessions too. Later, Rihea and her mother see. And they try to take revenge on Maan’s family. Rihea’s mother Nimrit tries to manipulate Maan with his Biji’s Asthiyan and he agrees on leaving the house. But because of Adi Maan decides to stay at his home back for his mother. 

Nimrit taunts Aastha about her family and when she asks Nimi, she tells her to keep her daughter within her limits. Amrita is trying to trap her son-in-law Veer. This makes Astha and Biji on her and Dilpreet listens to her accusations. Dilpreet Singh gets angry about Amrita’s acts but Veer boldly takes Amrita’s side and saves her reputation. And then Veer tells Dilpreet he loves Amrita, not Rhea. Was this confrontation a dream or a part of reality? 

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