Colors Tv Serial Bekaboo: Ranav Saves Bela From Exposing

Bekaboo Colors Tv Serial
Bekaboo Colors Tv Serial

Bekaboo Serial Written Story: Colors TV

Hindi language serial Bekaboo is full of thrill and romance. It started on Colors Tv on 18th March 2023 after the release of the Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal drama. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the realm of Balaji Telefilms. you can watch Bekaboo Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

This drama serial is full of fictional characters which follow the storyline of a fairies and demons world. Rakshas and Pari are the hero and heroin in the serial who contain all their ancestral magical powers. They are on their missions in the human world. As in the past, both love birds had a tragic ending but the lovers take oath to reborn and complete their love story. Rakshas and Pari are now reborn in the human world with human identities. But as they grow up both realize and find out about their past lives.

When Pari grows up she realizes that she has magical powers. And she can also hear and read human thoughts and minds. But it hurts her when she listens to the bad remarks about her from her father. Well, Her father was a selfish and alcoholic person. But her mother had always adored Pari and loved her deeply. Pari sees Rakshas and gets shocked to see him in this condition. Well, Pari’ is Bela and Rakshas is Prtaham in the human world. When Bela sees Pratham she thinks it was her dream that he was trying to kill her. But later she resolves the puzzle and understands that it was not her dream. 

Ranav Decides to Marry Malaika:

Because Pratham had the power of removing the memory. But he could not because Bela is actually Pari and no one knows about that. Well, if you are thinking who is Pratham? Pratham’s character is played by Zain Imam as Bela’s past lover. While Ranav is Shalin Bhanot. In the Recent Episodes, Ranav decudes to Marry Malaika and at their function party he also dances with her romantically which hurts Bela. She gets furious and tells him that she will not trust him ever in her life. Meanwhile, Bela gets into huge trouble but is saved by the police inspector. After watching Pratahm and Ranav dancing at the party, Adi gets angry at them because he likes Malaika. After some scenes, Bela notices that Yamini has called Pratahm and tells him about her illegal plans. But Pratham is not ready to let her do any smuggling work. 

Though, Manav warns Bela to stay alert because at any time she can get in trouble. Bela knows that Yamini is playing against Pratham because she does not want Mlaika and his marriage to happen. But Bela decides to go behind him so she might be able to get proof of his illegal actions. And after finding the proof she can stop her friend Mlaiak’s life get ruined. Pratham gets into the trap of Yamini and is caught by the police. 

Adi Kidnaps Malaika:

On the other side, Adi loses control and goes into Malika’s room without her permission. And there he tries to hurt her emotionally. And kidnaps her. Then the scene shifts to Ranav, Mlaiak, and Manav. Manav is hurt and Ranav saves him but Bela thinks that he has tried to kill him. Bela starts crying after seeing Manan in such a critical condition. Police also informs MLA Yamini that the suspect is caught but he is in the hospital. But Bela tells them that it was Ranav who has done this. There Bela also finds out about the true face of Vijay. Because he was also the one who was involved in the smuggling case.

Beqaboo Serial Latest Episode:

 In the Latest Episode of Bekaboo, Yamini MLA Yamini asks Bela to marry Ranav to save Mlaiak. At first, she gets shocked to hear that but to save her friend’s life she joins hands with them. Bela wears the bridal dress and comes to the Mandap to get married. Meanwhile, Pratham recalls his memories with Devlika. Devika was the first Pari who fall in love with Pratahm and now Bela is the second one in human form who was Pratahm’s Devika. They both perform their wedding rituals. But after filling the sindoor and wearing Manglasutra, Mlaika makes her entry and asks him to stop. 

Pratham stays in huge shock after seeing Malaika in front of him. And out of anger he removes the bride’s veil and leaves the mandap right away after seeing Bela in the veil. Out of anger, Mlaika slaps her for deceiving her. Bela starts acting like she does not know what is happening to her and how did she come here. Adi makes his entry and starts smiling. Then Bela remembers that it was Adi who was making a plan of getting her married to Pratham. He makes a deal with her that if she will marry Ranav he will leave Malika. 

Adi Marries Malika and Ranav to Bela:

After a lot of drama, Adi gets married to Malaika. Ranav is still so angry with Bela for marrying him. On the first day of her marriage, Bela comes into his house wearing anklets to tease Ranvaa. But She is scolded by Yamini for doing such acts. But Dadi takes the side of Bela and says that she will not go anywhere because she is the daughter-in-law of this family now. 

Furthermore, Bela asks Malaika why she married Adi because she did not love him, But she c confronts that she married him just to stay at this home closer to her. She wants her revenge on Bela for marrying Ranava. Mlaiak also confronts that she loved Ranav and he only belongs to her. And through thick and thin she will separate them both one day and get back Ranava in her life.

Bela Tells Ranav about Her past:

Meanwhile, Bela gets close to Yamini and hears all her thoughts, and realizes what she is playing next. But things get more surprising when Yamini starts romanticizing Shekhar in front of the family. She also starts dancing with him because it looked like she had lost consciousness. Bela learns about Yamini’s evil acts and that she brings blood from the donation camps for herself. Adi and Malaika ask Bela and Ranav to donate blood. But they can not because both hold secret powers inside them and that can not be revealed to anyone.

To make Ranav jealous Adi holds Malika closer to her. Bela swaps her blood with Malika and everyone starts believing that Malika is the fairy. But Ranav saves Bela from getting into more trouble.  Soon, Ranav finds out that Bela is the real Pari and it is her blood that is making him so powerful. Bela also accepts the truth and her reality. And confronts that I am Devilka your past and your present Bela and your future too. And in the past, it was me who killed you. I am everything to you. He gets angry and says I will not leave you until I will kill you. But she laughs and tells him that he has got no powers to kill her. Ranav scolds her then she realizes that she was all imagining these things.  

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