Zee Tv Serial Kundali Bhagya: Karan Meets Preeta in an Hospital

Kundali Bhagya Zee Tv Serial

Kundali Bhagya is one of the popular Indian serials. The story of Kundali Bhagya is actually a part of Kum Kum Bhagya. It is the story of the other two sisters that lived with their father. Preeta and Srishti. Preeta gets married to a rich guy but has to face a lot of problems after that. The drama is mostly about the struggles she faces after her marriage.

This drama premiered on 17 August 2022.  The producer of this drama is Ekta Kapoor. The main characters are Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta and Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Lothra. you can watch Kundali Bhagya Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

Kundali Bhagya Serial Written Story:

The story starts when the Arora sisters came back to their hometown after their father’s death. They came here to meet their mother Sarla Arora. Preeta is a physiotherapist and gets a job in this new city by luck. She was appointed by a well-off family ‘The Luthra” for their mother’s treatment.  She gets a warm welcome from everyone except Karan and Kareena. Karana and Rishabh are brothers. Risabh is a very loving and caring guy. He is into the family business. He develops feeling for Preeta but ends up marrying Sherlin.

Moreover, Karan is very careless and stubborn. He’s a cricket star. First, she dislikes Preeta and always argues with her over little things but later falls in love with her. Srishti is an extrovert. She loves Preeta and always supports her. Srishti and Sameer, Rishbh’s cousin forms a love bond. Srishti is always angry with her mother as she thinks her mother loves her other children more than her. 

Rishabh and Sherlin’s Marriage

Sherlin, Kareena’s friend’s daughter is a very modern girl. When Kareena notices Rishbah is getting interested in Preeta, she tries to fix his marriage with Sherlin. She made everyone agree on this proposal. Thus, Rishabh and Sherlin get engaged. But Sherlin is already having an affair with Prithvi who later tries to get married to Preeta. Preeta gets to know the truth and tries to expose it in front of everyone but failed. Rishabh and Sherlin get married whereas Karan misunderstands her as Sherlin lied to him that Preeta has got money. That’s the reason she hasn’t exposed her. Karan decides to take revenge on Preeta. 

Karan gets married to Preeta: Kundali Bhagya

Preeta and Prithvi are about to get married. But Karan secretly takes Prithvi’s place and marries Preeta. After marriage, she leaves Preeta on the road confessing how much he hates her. Later when is getting married to her childhood friend Mahira, Preeta plays the same game and remarries Karan. Prithvi marries Karitika by manipulating her mind game. 

After 3 months, Preeta is misguided by Karan’s friend that she can never get pregnant. She does this out of jealousy. Later, Preeta and Karan adopt a baby girl named Pihu. Later, Sonakshi arrives and says that Pihu is her and Karan’s daughter. Soankshi and sherlin joins hand. They make a plan to destroy Preeta. But Preeta succeeds in exposing Prithvi and Sherlin. Prithivi gets arrested. Rishabh divorces Sherlin. Pihu dies. Sonakshi blames Preeta that she is responsible for Pihu’s death. Preetttaaa was kicked out of the house. She moved to Bangalore along with her grandmother. 

After 2 years Preeta returns to Mumbai. She sees Mahesh in a medical institution. She learns that Prithvi has captured all the property. Rishabh is in jail in Dubai whereas Karan drinks and remembers Preeta all day. He did not go to the office. Preeta enters Luthra’s house after 2 years. She was not welcomed on a good note. Only Karan’s mother treated her nicely. After a series of events, Preeta sorts out all the things. They become a happy family. But after some time, Karan was pushed off into the dam and considered as dead. Rishabh and Preeta get married due to family pressure as Preeta is conceiving Karan’s child. 

Preeta was blessed with Twins Babies:

After 5 years, Preeta’s baby girl Kavya is now a grown-up girl. She and Rishbah just have a paper and do not live like a husband and wife. Karan comes back with the new name Arjun. He has plastic surgery due to which there is a slight change in his face. After seeing, Preeta and Rishabh together he believes that they both pushed him from the dam. But Later, Preeta and Rishabh clear their position in front of him. They show him the CCTV footage of that day. Finally, Preeta and Karan reunite. After some time, Preeta gives birth to twin babies Shorya and Rudraksha. Later, Preeta saved his son Rudraksh whereas Karan meets an accident and gets injured. Preeta was misunderstood by family and was asked to leave the house. Srishti also leaves the house with Preeta and Rudraksha.  

Preeta and Rajveer move back to Mumbai:

20 years later, Rudraksh and Shorya are now grown-up boys. Rudraksha was renamed Rajveer by Sristi. Preeta is mentally unstable. She still could not accept the fact that Karan is in a coma and she was thrown out of her own house. Karan is now a businessman with a decent personality and still misses Preeta and Rajveer. Srishti for the years taken care of Rajveer. Rajveer thinks that Srishti is her mother but later he comes to know that Preeta is her biological mother and how she was mistreated by their family. He decides to go to the family. He moves to Mumbai along with Preeta.

Moreover, Here in Mumbai, he meets with Shorya and considers him a pampered rich guy with zero manners. Shorya was driving a jeep and caused the accident of the bus. Rajveer and Preeta were on the same bus. Rajveer thinks that he purposely does this. Later, Rajveer fights with him for putting the lives of passengers in danger. Shaurya starts hitting him and a great fight takes place. Shorya was arrested by Police. Rakhi and Kareena came to know about this. They ask Nidhi to tell Karan as he is the only one who can get him, out of jail. Rishabh says Karan that he should give some time to his family. It is his fault that Shaurya has become a spoiled child. Now it is his responsibility to correct Shaurya.

Preeta takes back the complaint

Karan reaches the Pretta and Rajveer house. He could not meet Preeta. But Rajveer was here. Karan introduces himself to Rajveer and asks him how much money will he take to take back the complaint. Rajveer gets furious when Karan calls him a son. He asks Karan not to call him a son. Karan gets shocked. He gets into an argument with Karan. Karan notices that Rajveer’s style is strange. He behaves that Karan might be his enemy. Karan moves out of the house. Preeta gets to know about it and scolds Rajveer for misbehaving with Shaurya’s father.

Karan Hits Preeta with his Car: 

Karan while lying on bed is thinking about his talk with Rajveer. He notices that Rajveer did not talk to him on a good note but he exclaims that he was raised properly. He has all the qualities that a good man possesses. After a series of events, Pretta takes back the complaint. Nidhi recognizes Preeta at Signal. Rajveer manages to get a job at Mehra Industries. Preeta gets hit by Karan’s car. She falls on the road and becomes unconscious.

Though, Dupatta blows and covers her face so Karan could not see her face and takes her to the hospital. Gut gets shocked when the receptionist tells him that the patient’s name is Preeta. He goes to the room to see if it is her Prettaa but was stopped by a lady. She asks him to pay the bill. He goes to pay the bill. Meanwhile, Preeta leaves the hospital. Karan becomes furious.

On the other hand, Shurya tries to take revenge on Rajveer. He involves Palki in his revenge. He puts the blame on Palki for stealing the necklace from the hotel. Rajveer believes Palki and decides to support him. Rajvir tries to prove her innocence. Finally, through CCTV footage, Rajveer manages to prove her innocence.

 In the upcoming episodes, Will Karan finds out about Preeta? What will Rajveer do to take revenge for her blood relations?

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