Bade Achee Lagte hain Sony Tv Serial Twist: Pihu in Love with Angad

Bade Ache Lagte Hain Season 1 Written Story:

Bade Ache Lagtye hain is an Indian drama Sony Entertainment television series. The drama comprises two seasons. The first season broadcasted in 2011. It is one of the most popular dramas at that time. The second season premiered on 30th August 2021. The drama is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Sobha Kapoor. you can watch Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

Season 1 of Bade Ache Lagte Hain was highly appreciated by the audience due to its strong cast, good story, and effective twists. The main female role is done by Priya. Priya belongs to a middle-class family whereas the main male role by Nakuul Mehta is Ram. The story is about how two completely different people fall in love with each other and gets out through all the odds together. Ram and Priya marry each other for the sake of their family’s happiness. Priya has doubts in her heart due to their age difference and Ram’s serious nature. But later they develop a great understanding.

Ram and Priya Love Story:

Though, Ram is very serious about work and is in his forties. He is a business tycoon. Priya is a simple girl in her early thirties. He belongs to a middle-class family but is a very sensible girl. That’s why she adjusts to the family very soon. Later some misunderstandings were created between them which lead Priya to move out of the house. Priya comes to know that she is pregnant.

After 5 years of a leap, Priya is seen living in Dubai with a daughter Pihu. Ram comes to Dubai due to his work. He meets with Priya and comes to know about her daughter. Ram gets angry with Priya for keeping his daughter away from him. He decides to take custody of Pihu.  But Pihu brought both parents together. The family reunites. After some time they have three daughters Pihu, Myra, and Pari. The drama takes a leap again. Pihu and Priya meet in an accident. Unfortunately, Priya falls into a coma.

After seven years, Priya gets recovered. Juhi, a friend of Priya takes care of her family all the time but actually, she wants to marry Ram. Juhi tries to separate Ram and Priya but was exposed. Ram and Priya start a new life. 

BALH Season 2 Story/Plot: 

After the successful completion of season 1, season 2 debuted in 2021. The story revolves around a middle-class family girl and a bossy business tycoon. They both came into each other’s life by destiny. First, they dislike each other but later find solace in each other. The main characters of season 2 are Nakkul Mehta and Disha Parmar as Ram and Priya. 

Ram is a thirty-eight years old businessman. His family includes his sister Shivaniya, a stepmom, and a stepbrother Shobham. Priya is thirty-two years old. She lives with her mother and sisters. A cousin named Akshaya also lives with them. Ram was ditched by his ex-girlfriend. That is why he did not believe in women and focused on business. 

Ram and Priya’s marriage:

The story takes a turn when Ram comes to know that his sister likes Akshay. But Akshay is refusing to marry her due to Priya. Akshay wants Priya to get married first. Ram decides to marry Priya. After marriage, they fall for each other. Vedika comes back and wants to separate Ram and Priya. She talks about their affair with Priya. Priya did not give any importance to her. Priya faces a lot of trials to keep the family united. She loves and supports Shivania. But unfortunately, Shivania falls from the stairs while arguing with Eshaan. Eshaan did not know that due to a slight push, Shivania will fall from the stairs and dies. But this is what happens actually. 

Priya takes all the blame on her to save Eshan. She was sent to prison. Ram still not believing that Priya can do this. Priya discovers that she is pregnant. Ram comes to her. Priya makes a false statement by telling him that this isn’t his child. Ram feels broken and leaves. Priya weeps silently. She knows that she has lost the love of her life and the father of his baby. But she has to save Eshan that is why she did all this. Later Priya was blessed with a baby girl. She names her Pihu. 

5 years later: BALH Serial

Ram meets Pihu and Priya in a mall after 5 years but ignores Priya. Later Ram comes to know the truth. The family reunites after 5 years. Riya and Pihu return to their house. Vedika becomes furious to see them.  She is not happy with this reunion. She tries to embarrass Pihu and Priya but Ram supports them. Priya gets pregnant again. Ram learns about his brother Lakhan and finds out about him. Subham and Sid try to kill Priya. But Priya was saved by Nandni and Nandni dies. Priya gives birth to Parachi.

BALH Season 3: 

The drama takes a leap of twenty years.Ram and Priya has passed away. Although, Pihu and Prachi are grown-up girls now. Pihu is a very mature and bossy girl whereas Prachi is innocent. But she loves Ragha but he considers Pihu as his friend. Raghav is Lakhan’s secretary. He loves Prachi. But Prachi has no idea about his feelings. She loves Josh. Josh is the son of Sid. Pihu knows that Josh is not a good person and has evil intentions. But Prachi is blindly in love with him. She is trying to save Prachi and talks to Lakhan about this. 

Pihu Leaves the house to Support Raghav:

The drama takes a turn when Josh plans against Raghav and tells everyone that he has feelings for Prachi. Raghav was bashed by everyone in the house except Pihu. Lakhan throws him out of the house and his brother and mother was sent to jail. Pihu and Angad support him all the time. On the wedding day of Prachi and Josh, Pihu takes back Raghav with her. Raghav tries to clarify that he hasn’t any bad intentions but Lakhan refuses to listen to him. Pihu also leaves the house and goes with Raghav. She says Raghav is my friend, I trust him and will support him. The wedding gets postponed because Lakhan faints. Pihu and Angad leave the house and chose to go with Raghav 

Raghav and Pihu come back:

After three years, Raghav Pihu and Angad came back. Raghav is now a rich guy and his personality is groomed now. They came back for a business deal. Prachi meets with them and tries to sort out things. They reunite again. All go to Josh’s house for dinner. Here Prachi listens to Josh’s talk with Sumaira. He was trying to flirt with her. Prachi feels odd and comes to a room. And start thinking about all this.

The negative side of Josh is revealed in front of Prachi as the drama is progressing. Lkahan realizes his mistake and feels Josh is not the right person for Prachi. He wishes Prachi may get someone who has true feelings for her. His wife says Prachi loves the one who has written poetry but because she feels alone. That’s why she got attached to Josh. In the latest episodes, Prachi and Raghav are seen coming closer to each other. At a party, when Josh sees Prachi and Raghav together, he becomes furious. He didn’t like the way everyone is getting attention to Raghav. He says to himself that they will pay for this. 

In the next episodes, what will happen, will Prachi comes to know about the real face of Josh? And develop feelings for Raghav. How will she know that the poetry was written by Raghav for her? S

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