Colors Tv Serial Saavi ki Savaari Twist: Dimpy Tries To Kill Nityam

Saavi ki Savaari Colors Tv Serial

Saavi ki Savaari Serial Written stoory: Colors Tv

Savi ki Savaari is an indian family drama. This drama shows the struggle of a middle-class family girl. After the death of his father, she alone takes care and provides for her family. you can watch Saavi ki Savaari Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

The story shows the problems she faces on a daily basis because of her gender. Savi is a very strong and brilliant girl, the way she copes with bullies adds to the beauty of the drama. Later she marries a business tycoon. The drama also shows the hurdles she faces after marriage. The drama premiered on 22 August 2022.  Samindhi Shukla plays the main female role of Savi whereas the main male role is done by Framan Haider as Nityam Dalmiya. 

As we have discussed earlier that Savi is a young and strong girl. She is 21 years old. After his father, she along with her mother and sister shifted to their uncle’s house. His uncle is a very humble person. He welcomes them with a good heart. Trials for Savi started when Savi’s Uncle meet an accident and was unable to walk. Saavi decides that she will fulfill all the responsibilities of her Uncle whereas her sister prefers to study. Savi drives a taxi. She has named her Chatriparasad. It’s the same taxi that her father used to drive. Savi’s uncle is so proud of her. He feels guilty sometimes. Everyone in the house gives extra importance to Savi as she has sacrificed her career for them. But her sister feels jealous of her. Savi’s elder sister Sonam is an MBA topper but is jobless. She has a boyfriend Shivam. 

Savi gets married to Nityam:

Nityam is a businessman. Her mother wants him to get married but he is not interested. Sonam has a crush on Nityam. Actually, she wants his good wealth and long life. Sonam gets shocked to find out that the girl in Nityam’s fate was not another but Savi. She feels extremely jealous and tries to find out a solution to this. She changes Savi’s horoscope with her. And finally, her marriage gets fixed with Nityam. She left his boyfriend Shivam in greed for Nityam’s wealth. But on the wedding day, Sonam’s lie is exposed in front of Vedika, Nityam’s mother. She learns that the girl in his son’s fate is Savi. So, she made Nityam and Savi get married. 

No one accepts Savi in Dalmia’s house. But Savi with her loving nature, wins everyone’s heart. Nityam’s family includes his mother Dadi and uncle, aunt. Nityam’s aunt Dimpy tries to damage Savi’s reputation in the house. She tells everyone that Savi drives Rickshaw. Her cousin’s sister Tashoo also lives with them. Tashoo’s boyfriend is cheating on him. Savi tries to save her. Nityam sees her with Tashoo’s boyfriend and misunderstands her. But later the truth is revealed and apologizes. 

Shivam Decides to Take Revenge:

Shivam who was ditched by Sonam decides to take revenge on her. Sonam learns that Shivam is actually Nityam’s youngest brother. She asks him to marry her. Shivam agrees but calls off the wedding on the day of the wedding. Sonam’s gets broken 

Raksham reunites with family. Savi puts her marriage in danger in order to unite Rakham with their family. Later Nityam decides to divorce her. Nityam’s Dadi UD dies and everyone blames Savi for her death. Vedika makes Savi leaves the house. Raksham feels guilty and wants to reunite Savi and Nityam. That is why he decides to get married with Sonam. Savi and Nityam meet for the first time after divorce for getting the ring of Raksham and Sonam. Savi gets the help of Manav instead of Nityam. Nityam becomes furious and argues with Savi. Savi gives him harsh replies. 

Bua dadi aka kumud Enters the Story: SKS 

Nityam bua dadi’s arrives. She gets against Raksham and Sonam’s engagement. She says you should bring bari bahu first. Finally, the Savi comes back. Raksham and Sonam’s engagement happens. Vedika brings a beautiful saree and jewelry for her. But she is still angry with Saavi. Savi wears the saree. Dadi bua praises her and says this is what Dalmiya’s bahu looks like. Dadi bua aka Kumad gives the ancestral necklace to Savi. Also she asks Nityam to fill Saavi’s maang. He fills Savi Maang. Raksham says now you are husband and wife. Nityam stares at him. Sonam gets angry when Kumad gives the ancestral necklace to Saavi. Then she thinks that Savi is here for some days until Kumud returns back. After it, both the necklace and house will be mine. 

Sonam and Raksham’s wedding rituals begin

The wedding preparations start in both families. Kumad want a simple wedding but Nityam did not like the idea. He says Rakham’s wedding will be like Dalmiya’s wedding. Savi asks them to accept what Dalmiya’s saying. Sonam is dreaming of a big wedding. Nityam says to her mother that Bua Dadi is saying this because she hates Raksham. Savi is enjoying everything. She gets some threatening messages but does not pay heed to them. While dancing, she tries to look at the faces of dancers but she moves back and hides her face. Actually she is not anyone else but Dimpy. She thinks they thought I’ll never come back but I’ll come with the real heir. He touches her tummy.  Raksham requests Vedika to forgive Savi and give her a chance. Vedika refuses and says whenever I see her, I remember UD’s death. 

Sonam and Raksham’s mehndi happens. Dimpy makes the arrangement on the terrace. She has all set to give Nityam an electric shock. Nityam gets the electric shock but is saved by Saavi. She says thanks to her and says that we are having a divorce after a few weeks. Saavi feels heartbroken. Sonam did not get the color of the Mehendi and blamed Saavi that she has mixed something in her mehndi. 

Dimpy Plans to Kill Nityam:

Dimpy plans again to kill Nityam through poison. Sonam asks Manav to confess his love to Saavi. Saavi will get divorced in a few weeks. Who will take care of her then? She says I feel you are concerned about her and would help her to get through this.  Dimpy mixes poison in the vaporizer of the washroom. Dadi bua cancels Sangeet. Sonam cries and forces Saavi to talk to Kumud. Dimpy gets worried if Sangeet doesn’t happen then how will Nityam use the air diffuser? 

Nityam gets furious seeing Manav and Savi dancing:

Savi starts singing Bhajan. Dadi Bua praises her and gives permission for sangeet in the hall. Savi and Manav dance together. It makes Nityam angry. And, He starts drinking alcohol in anger when Dimpy falls drink on him. He goes to the washroom but Saavi saw him. But when Nityam asks the children to take him back then she will give them chocolates. Before Nityam, use the washroom, the children take him back. Dimpy comes to check and gets locked in the washroom.

Furthermore, Saavi says to Nityam that something wrong might happen to him as she has received a white saree from some unknown. Manav comes to them. Ananya announces the name of Saavi and Nityam for dance. But Manav challenges him to dance with him. Manav and Nityam while dancing start fighting with each other.  Savi tries to stop them and takes Nityam to the room. Nityam holds her hand and falls asleep. 

In the upcoming episodes what will happen, what will Dimpy’s next plan be? Will Savi and Nityam reunite?

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