Star Bharat Serial Dheere Dheere SE: Bhanu Tries to Ruin Bhawana’s Dream

Star Bharat’s New Serial ‘Dheere Dheere Se is also known as Aashaon Ka Savera. It is a Hindi TV serial produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. The main leading roles are played by famous actor Rahil Azam and actress Reena Kapoor. This drama represents Indian culture and society as well as feministic points of view. you can watch Dheere Dheere Se Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

It shows how women have to struggle in society by claiming that humanity is still alive. Sometimes a stranger becomes a friend of you and helps you out with all the suffering you are facing. Similarly, The drama starts with leading actors presenting their society and the social lifestyle of Indian families.

Dheere Dheere Se Serial Written Story: Star Bharat

The drama revolves around basically two families and their neighbors. Both families have a house in front of each other. One belongs to the middle class and the other is the aristocratic class. This drama also represents the behavior of upper-class society people and their standards. while showcasing their living style and behavior with other classes of society. 

The main character is acted by Rena Kapoor. Her name in the serial is Bahawna. She is playing the role of the widow of Deepak and the mother of a 14-year daughter. Her married life is beautiful before the heartbroken accident happened in their life and she become a widow. Though, Her daughter becomes an orphan. She also has to face many problems as a single-parent child. Her daughter is always teased by her cousin for being an orphan. As he never ever leaves a single chance to make her feel that her father is no more. And no one is there for her, except her mother who can’t take any step against all these bad things which they are going through. But her mother never gives up on her daughter.

Bhawna Protects her Daughter:

Bhawna tries her best to make her daughter happy and feel her inner voice. She wishes to make her daughter strong not like herself. Because She is too weak from the outside to represent herself in society. Her daughter supports her in every matter. She encourages her mom to move on and do something for herself. Because of her husband, she never did any outside work. As he never let them do anything because he loves them a lot. And after his death, this became the weak point of Bahawna.

The problem she faces mainly is her house people, especially her husband’s brothers’ wives. She assigns all housework to Bahawna and creates problems in Bahawna’s life. Her daughter also mistreats Bahawna walking in the footsteps of her mother. Her brother helps Bahawna and cares a lot for his aunt. He helps Bahawna financially. Also, he helps her by giving his pocket money to her to buy necessary things. 

Twist: Raghav takes Divorce From His wife

 In all this, their fortune begins with the entry of Raghav, the second leading character. He belongs to well know aristocratic class. He has a charming character. His personality is impressive. He is a well-mannered person. Well, Raghav has his own view to see the world and society through an open-mind quality. He has a Cold personality with a warm heart which makes people fear him.  Meanwhile, his personal life is no less than a secret. In starting episode, his wife left him because for some reason that’s yet unknown.

In the Previous episode, we can see how much Raghav holds anger against his wife. He wants to divorce his wife and makes his father happy. His personality and image are down by his cold-hearted wife. Because of her, he has to leave his home for many years. His wife and their love story are still hidden in many layers of unrevealed truths. No one knows what happened to their married life and he has to leave his business, home, and everything. He loses his image in front of society.

Raghav Helps Bhawana: 

Though, Everyone thinks badly about him. In his office people don’t like him because they have a wrong perception of him being a cold person. His behavior is unpredictable and it looks like he is always ready to fight. But in reality, his personality is so totally different from all these conceptions. After many years he came back and meet Bahawna. Bahawna is the widow of his childhood friend Depak. After hearing about his childhood friend’s heartbroken accident he feels sad for his friend and his family. He doesn’t know Bahawna is his friend’s widow. They first meet in the market and he helps Bahawna to pay the online payment. He changed the view of Bahawna and tried to make her morally strong.

In their first interaction, they are strangers but over time they become friends and he respects her a lot. He starts supporting her in every matter and trying to build self-confidence in her. Before this, she is living a helpless and sad life. A woman who doesn’t have any right or self-confidence to speak against anyone. And she is alone and keeps on suffering through the cruel behavior of society and family.

Dheere Dheere Se Latest Episode: Written Story

In the latest episode, we can see how Raghav comes into her life and try to make her a self-independent woman. She likes the Way Raghav helps her and supports her to face society. Raghav makes her that much stronger and more self-confident that she start taking step against the violence from her family slowly. She become so much self-belief that she stood up against her family and become the leader of her society membership and won against her own brother-in-law. Her brother-in-law is greedy and trying to take over her husband’s property. But everything went in vain. She understood each and every double face people and become a superwoman.

She rises the standards of women in her society. Also, She tries to make every woman in her society use her votes in the right way. She makes them understand what’s their power and place in society.  She likes to be strong rather than to be seen with sympathy and chose to not suffer again. Bhawna started her work against the patriarchal society. And take the bold step against the rules of society made by some people who follow the old custom and traditions.

The turning Factor is that the leading actor and actress start liking each other and they have a respectful relationship of friendship.  In Dheere Dheere what will be the next twist in the serial as they have many enemies? The drama is still ongoing. we have to wait for the next and upcoming twist in the serial let’s see what will happen next episodes if she becomes successful to give a proper place and stander to all poor women.

Upcoming Twist in DDS Serial: Hotstar

 All the upcoming episodes are going to change the direction of the story, to aware people of how hypocritical people are in making life hard for those who are weaker in society. This drama also represents male dominance in society. The character of Raghav’s father and Bahawna’s brother-in-law. These males are dominant in society and have all taken over all matters of house and everything.

In the Previous episode, we can clearly see the dominance of how Raghav’s father beat his wife even though they are now Grandparents. All these things make viewers curious about what will happen next but viewers have to wait for upcoming episodes to finish their curiosity.  So let’s wait for upcoming episodes to see what will happen next. In all these past episodes we can say that the drama is based on feminism and realism. It shows the reality of society and what’s happening around us. How we are ignoring all these bad factors? Who are these things badly affecting our society? These types of drama are usually produced to aware people and let them know what’s happening in society. Especially to those who are unaware of all this suffering.

The leading character Bahawna amazingly performs her character in the serial. She is also admiringly presenting modern women. Bhawna is an example of women out there, who can also fight back for their rights. And how they can use their right where it’s needed.  This drama upcoming episodes surely going to be amazing and will give viewers an interesting experience. 

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