Zee Tv: Doosri Maa Serial Written Story and Cast Details!

Zee Tv launched a new drama serial that follows the life journey of a woman named Yashodha who lives with her husband and her in-laws. She has two daughters. Apart from her married life, she is a housewife and socialite too. During her social work, she once meets Mala and her child in the hospital. And after seeing her in the critical situation she helps Mala in her treatment. After Mala’s death, she adopted her child. Later finds out that the child was her husband’s illegitimate child. 

The series “Dosri Maa” was released on September 20, 2022. The series will air from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 p.m. This show is produced by the production house Zee Studios. The series will air on & Tv. All the Doosri Maa Aaj Ka Episodes are presented on Undekha serial daily. Here is the detailed description of the Zee 5 serial.

Serial Name Doosri Maa
Language Hindi
Channel Zee Tv
Genre Romantic- Family drama
Total Episodes 110
Directed by Imtiaz Punjabi
Main Cast Neha Joshi
Aayudh Bhanushali
Recurring Cast: Nidhi Uttam
Mohit Dagga
Anita Pradhan
Sunil DuttYashodha

Yashoda and Krishna’s First Encounter:

The series begins when Mala writes a letter to her ex-boyfriend. And there she mentions that she is sick and has been admitted to the hospital. After receiving a letter from Mala, Ashok reaches the hospital. Yashodha meets Krishna, whose mother is admitted to a government hospital, and Krishna seeks his help in treating his mother. And she also meets his mother, who is on her deathbed. However, Yashodha helps her and asks where Krishna’s father is. Mala tells him that she is an unwed mother. Mala died during the treatment, and she entrusted the responsibility of her son to Yashodha. Yashodha requested that her husband let Krishna stay in her house until she found her father.

After the death of Krishna’s mother, Yashodha brought him to her home. Everyone in the family was against his decision and disliked Krishna. Ashok tells Yashodha the truth: Mala was his first love, but he left her before marrying Yashodha. She thought that Ashoka was playing a joke on her because Krishna lived in their house. He was attached to her, so he didn’t want Krishna to leave his house. Ashok clearly says that he is not joking with her. It is true that he once loved Mala, but after marrying her, he never thought about her. Yashodha got angry and told everyone in the house that Krishna was Ashoka’s son.

Dosri Maa Latest Episode written update. 

The latest episode of the series begins when there is nothing to eat in the house. Everyone in the family is hungry, but they say they will not eat anything unless Krishna is at home. Everyone insists that Krishna leave the house. And Krishna agreed that he would leave the house because no one wanted him to stay there. But Yashoda told Krishna that this was not the solution. And she asks him to promise her that under no circumstances, he will not dare to leave the house. 

Krishna promised him that he would not leave the house unless Yashodha wanted him to. Yashoda was very worried about this. Since Krishna did not see him in this condition, he wanted to do something for Yashodha and other family members. He thinks of himself and decides to bring something to eat which will make his family happy. Though, He did not have any money to buy something but soon remembers that his mother has given him a chain of gold. Which will definitely help him.

Krishna sells his Gold Chain:

Krishna was given a chair by his mother when she was on her deathbed. But he thought that he had a mother like Yashoda who needed his help. He went to the goldsmith and told them that he wanted to sell the gold chain and needed money urgently. But the goldsmith said that he could not buy china from a child. Krishna said that I work in Mr. Gupta’s house. If there is a problem, you can send the police to me, but please help me now. Then the goldsmith took the chain and gave the money to Krishna. Krishna used the money to buy pizza for family members.

When he got home with the pizza, everyone thought that Krishna stole the money to buy the pizza, but he explained that he didn’t steal the money; he sold his mother’s gold chain to buy some food for the family. But Yashodha’s father-in-law refuses to eat the pizzas he ordered and throws all the pizzas in the trash. Yashodha says no one will throw the pizza in the trash, but no one listens to her. Just then, some neighbors entered the house and said that Krishna had invited us for pizza. 

In Ashok’s house, Krishna is living his life like a servant. Though his father knows that he is his son he lets him do all the household work of his family members. There is no place for Krishna in his father’s house; he has to stay in the Sarvan quarter.

Yashoda Finds the Truth: Krishna is Ashok’s Son

Furthermore, Ashoka holds Krishna. And after that Mala, and Yashodha was very guilty. And she thinks that What happened to Mala and Krishna was his fault. Meanwhile, he couldn’t stay in the house with Yashoda and Krishna because of guilt, so he left the house. When Ashoka did not come home, Yashodha and his in-laws were worried about him. Everyone blames Krishna and Yashoda. After some continuation, Yashodha and Krishna set out to find Ashoka. Yashodha and Krishna want to ask Ashoka some questions. Why did he do this to both of them? Krishna has some questions for Ashok. Yashodha and Krishna were looking for Ashok. At one place, they find Ashok’s ring, and Yashodha starts crying.

She called her mother-in-law and said that she had found her husband’s ring and had no idea what had happened to it. Yashodha’s father-in-law blames Yashodha for the whole situation. What do you think happened to Ashok? What questions does Krishna want to ask his father?

Firstly, when Ashok told the truth that Krishna is his illegitimate son, Yashodha was in shock and asked, “How is it possible?” She was very angry with her husband and also with Krishna. She wants Krishna to leave the house. After some sequences, she realized there was no mistake with the child. He is innocent. Yashodha was emotionally attached to Krishna. Even then, she gave a promise to Krishna that he would never leave her or her house in any situation.

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