Woh Toh Hai Albela Serial Twist: Sayuri and Kanha Plans to Expose Chaman

Wo to hai Albela” is a romantic comedy series. It revolves around the story of three brothers. The series is produced by Rajan Shahi. Also, The release date of Wo to Hai Albela is March 14, 2022. All the Woh Toh Hai Albela Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily. The broadcast days are Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. The serial will be seen on Star Bharat.

Drama series Wo To Hai Albela Written Story:

This story revolves around Balwant Shawarma and Dhanraj Chaudhary’s family. Kahna claims that he is the second wonder in Agra after the Taj Mahal. Because of his mind-blowing personality, people follow him on social media. Balwant Sharma and Dhanraj Chaudhary are neighbors, and their wives, Saroj and Indrani, are best friends.

But because of their children’s fight, both families become enemies. Saroj thought Balwant used Dhanraj just for his business. So he demands business shares; that’s why Indrani slaps Saroj, and their fight becomes more severe. 

Mr. Sharma’s elder daughter is Sayuri. She thought Kahna was responsible for their family’s fight. Chiranjeevi was Mr. Chaudhary’s elder son, and he loves Sayuri. He convinces his family to marry Sayuri. They were about to get married, but Chiranjeev died in a car accident.

Kanha Marries Sayuri:

  Before his death, he gave Sayuri’s responsibility to his younger brother Kahna and requested that he take care of Sayuri. Saroj was not ready to accept Sayuri as her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Kahna and Sayuri do not want to live with each other too. But later, they fall in love with each other. Anjali wants to marry Kahna. She created many obstacles for Sayuri to get Kahna back. Later, Sayuri got pregnant, and Saroj accepted her as her daughter-in-law. Furthermore, Kahna’s younger brother Nakul and Sayuri’s younger sister Rashmi love each other, so they got married.

When Rashmi came to Nakul’s home, she was jealous of her sister. The family members decided to marry Kusum and Rishi. Saroj was ready for their marriage. But Rishi was not an honest guy; he used to torture Kusum. Kahna and Sayuri know the truth about Kusum. So they sent Rishi to jail. When he was released from jail, he kidnapped Kusum. Sayuri saves Kusum from Rishi. But Rishi attacks Sayuri, and unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. Sayuri’s sister was jealous of her. She wanted to separate Sayuri from Kahna and take charge of the whole house. Rashmi tries to kill her sister but Sayuri survived, and she was alive and had a daughter. Rashmi was shocked to see her sister alive. Later, Kusum got married to Yash. 

Wo To Hai Albela Serial latest written update: 

Amuu tells Nakul that she feels comfortable with any client for the first time. Nakul says I am not your client; we are friends. Then Amuu’s boss asks Nakul to leave now, and he also announces that the next time he will take 1 lac to meet Amuu. There is a fight between Nakul and Amuu’s boss. At Amuu’s request, he left and told Amuu that he would come back to meet her soon. 

On the other hand, Dhanraj was busy growing crops in his garden. He needs Amma Panna. Saroj offered her. Saroj shows his sympathy to Dhanraj. Dhanraj tells Saroj that Balwant did not give anything for the house, but now he is having fun in it. When Rashmi finds out about Nakul’s relationship with a prostitute, she fights him.

Nakul asks Rashmi to stay away from her and not interfere in her life. But, Rashmi tells Nikol that she can’t share it with anyone. She will do anything to get Nakul back. Kanha tells Chaman that she is a charming girl, and she becomes a heroine. She can earn a lot of money by recording and uploading videos. When she earns money, she can also make movies.

Kanha Shoots Video With Chaman:

Chaman said who will help her become a heroine. Kanha said I would help you earn money and become a famous actress. Chaman was ready to shoot a video with Kanha. Chaman wants to become Kanha’s wife. Tingu tells Chaman to stay away from Kanha; he will not help her.

Sayuri was standing behind Kanha and Chaman, listening to their conversation, and thinking that their trick had worked. She calls Nakul and asks him to come home soon. On the other hand, Rashmi tells Kanha and everyone else that Nikul has relations with a prostitute. Kanha thinks that Rashmi is right because she saw Nakul stealing money from the locker. Meanwhile, Tingu was not willing to spend money on Chaman to become a heroine. Kanha said that it is his guarantee that Chaman will become a superstar soon.

Chaman Tries to Ruin Kanha’s Future:

Tingo tells Chaman that Kanha has no experience in making films. If they invest in Kanha’s film, they will lose. But Chaman was not ready to understand what Tingu said to him. Tingu claims that, If anyone can earn millions on their films later, then he will also have a chance to earn in crores. And she will become a heroine.

Saroj asks Kanha what is happening. Kanha tells her that he is helping Chaman to become a heroine. Saroj says that there is no need to help her and asks Chaman not to stay in her house. Kanha said that she would leave the house soon.

 Sayuri and Kanha’s Secret Mission:

Kanha and Sayuri’s mission is to separate Tingu and Chaman. When Nikul came home, Sayuri and Nakul discussed the next plan. Kanha notices Nakul’s changed behavior and recalls what Rashmi told him. Nakul was calling Amuu continually, and she was declining his calls again and again.

As Amuu picked up the call and told Nakul not to call her otherwise she would have to face trouble. Nakul said he wants to meet her, but Ammu rejected him and told her that her boss will demand 1 lac. Nakul manages to raise money to meet Amuu. Kanha was listening to his conversation and asked Nakul about prostitutes, but he said there was nothing like this. While Chaman was excited about the film, Kanha started acting like he was talking to the producer and requesting that Chaman be the film’s heroine. Kanha was persuading her to produce the movie.

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