Udaariyan Colors TV Serial : Upcoming Episode Written Update

Udaariyan Serial Story: Colors TV

Udaariyan is a Hindi language family drama serial that premiered on 15 March 2021 on Colors TV with the sizzling chemistry of Tejran. this drama serial is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under the banner of  Dream productions. you can watch all the Udaariyan Aaj Ka Episode only on Undekha serial daily, as this series casts Priyanka Chara Choudhary and Ankit Gupta as the main leads. And now, Sonakshi Batra and Twinkle Arora are playing their roles as their First generations.

Udaariyan drama serial starts with the story of Fateh Singh Virk and Jasmin Kaur Sandhu’s love story. Ankit Gupta is playing the role of Fateh Singh. A handsome bodybuilder who is madly in love with Jasmin Kaur. and Isha Malviya is playing the character of Jasmin who is a childish, smart, cunning, and beautiful girl. jasmine has a dream of going abroad.

Though Fateh and Jasmin are in a relationship they both decide to get married. Before that, Fateh applies for Canada Visa but on the day of their wedding, he is informed about the rejection of his visa which hurts Jasmin and at the wedding event she refuses to marry him. Meanwhile, Jasmin has a younger sister name, Tejo Kaur. She is the one who sacrifices herself to save the reputation of both families. And marries Fateh.

Priyanka Chara Choudhary is playing the female protagonist role, ‘Tejo Kaur Sandhu’. She is a very hardworking, loving, and caring daughter of Kaur Sandhu. She does her job in a college. And unlike her sister, Jasmin she does not have any wish to leave her country. Rather it is her dream to serve her homeland. Tejo knows about Fathe’s relationship with her sister. And she is also a good friend of Fateh but her herself never thought of marrying him. But Fate has other plans. Jasmin deceives Fateh in front of everyone and humiliates his family. 

Udaariyaan Drama Serial Details: VOOT

Real Name Role Name
Karan Grover Angad Maan
Priyanka Chara Choudhary Tejo Kaur Sandhu
Ankit Gupta Fateh Singh Virk
Isha Malviya Jasmin Kaur Sandhu
Kamal Dadiala
Raman Dhagga
Satti Kaur Sandhu
Rupy Singh Sandhu
Abhishek Kumar
Sonakshi Batra
Twinkle Arora
Rohit Purohit
Hitesh Bharadwaj
Amrik Singh Virk
As Naaz

Tejo Marries Fateh: Colors TV

Udaariyan Drama serial story always brings new twists and shifts in the story. And as this story is now a triangle love story. As Triangles love stories are always messed up. This is the story of three different people. It is about their different dreams, perceptions, and passions. Tejo and Jasmin are sisters but they both share no similar personality traits. As do Fateh and his siblings.

After Fatejo’s marriage, they become good friends. And when Fateh sees Tejo’s efforts to bear his family except for their rude behaviors. He starts falling in love with her.

Fateh Falls in Love with Tejo: Udaariyan

Upon seeing Tejo and Fateh happy together, Jasmin becomes jealous. And decides to bring Fateh back into her life. She fakes burning her passport to make him believe that he is more important to her. Since Fateh has fallen into her trap. And he leaves Tejo for Jasmin unaware of the fact that Tejo was pregnant. After so many series of events, Fateh catches Jasmin cheating on him. And realizes his mistake. Out of anger he burns her passport to teach her a lesson and gets back to Tejo. He apologizes to her for his behavior. And promises her that he will not do that again. But this time, Tejo does not agree to forgive him. And in this decision everyone in his family supports her.

Udaariyan Upcoming Episode Written Update:

In the upcoming Episodes of the Udaariyan serial, Tejo meets Angad Maan (Karan Grover). He is playing the role of a very sensible, and loving man but by nature. But he is completely a psychic one. Tejo decides to marry Angad, but when she finds out she is pregnant. She refuses to marry him. And out of anger, Angad decides to kill both Tejo and Fateh.

Meanwhile, Jasmin has learned her lesson and is apologetic. She is married to Fateh’s brother Amrik who was in love with her. And now she wants Tejo and Fateh to reunite. But everything goes off their plans. Jasmin tells tejo that Fateh will be waiting for her at the godown. And before Fateh reaches there Angad traps Tejo and sets the godown on fire.

Tejo Loses her baby: 

Since everyone believes that Tejo is dead and drama series take a few years leap. Jasmin and Amrik go to Canada on vacation. And there she sees Tejo Doppler. But she refuses to accept that she is Tejo. Jasmin and Amrik decide to tell Fateh so he can come and solve this matter. On the other hand, Angad is afraid that if she is Tejo … Now she will cause him to harm to take her revenge for her baby’s death. After a series of incidents, Angad tries to shoot Tejo. But the bullet hits Amrik who dies on the spot and Jasmin becomes a widow.

Further, in the episodes of Udaariyan, Tejo comes back to Punjab, India. As, Tejo still does not accept that she is Tejo. But with time she falls in love with Fateh and this time. Jasmin again starts planning to get Fateh in her life as her husband. But Fateh and Tejo gets married, and all her evil plans go in vain.

Finally, Tejo gives birth to Fateh’s daughter, and at that time. In order to stay at Fathe’s house, Jasmin fakes being pregnant with Amrik’s child. But, she is caught by Tejo. Before Tejo reveals her in front of the family. She feeds the doctor with money and takes someone else’s daughter. And presents her as her own child. Though, Jasmin leaves for Canada. This time Tejo does not hide the reality from her husband ‘Fateh’ . But they both decide to adopt the baby as their own child.

Udaariyan to take 16 Year Leap: Colors TV

After a 16-year Leap, the children have grown up, Twinkle Arora (Nehmat) and Sonakshi Batra (Naaz) are playing the roles of sisters. While Hitesh Bharadwaj (Ekam) is cast in the male lead role. History is repeating itself. These sisters’ fates have been bringing them against each other.

As, Nehmat and Ekam desperately love each other. But Naaz cannot see her sister happy and wants to separate them. Just like Jasmin could not see her sister happy. Though, Naaz succeeds in manipulating Ekam against his lover Nehmat, by creating misunderstandings. Rohit Purohit’s entry into the show is bringing the twist back in the story. Everyone is so anxious to see, Will Rohit and Nehmat be married or if Ekam will save his love and #Neham will reunite.

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