Star Plus Serial Rajjo Twist: Madhu Manipulates Pushkar to Trap Rajo


Rajjoo is an Indian television drama. It premiered on 22 August 2022. The story revolves around a girl athlete. She meets a rich but angry man who saves her life in calamity. it is a Star Plus show and you can watch Rajjo Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily

They deal with all the odds together. This drama is produced by Bits and Bolts Media. Celesti Bairagey was roped in for the role of female lead Rajjo Thakur and Rajveer Singh for the role of male lead Arjun Singh Thakur. 

Rajjo Serial Written Story:

Rajjo is a teenage girl and a God-gifted athlete. She belongs to a village named Uttrakhand. Her family includes only her mother Manorama. Manorama is an ex-athlete. But due to her past traumas now she hates sports. And being a single mother, she runs her house by selling fish. Rajjo has a keen interest in sports. She is very passionate. She always wins Medals in tournaments but is never appreciated by her mom. Her mother asks her to quit this profession but she does not listen to her. She has a dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

The story takes a turn when Rajjo and her mother part ways due to the rain flood in the village. The flood takes away Rajjo and later she was found under the bridge. Due to the great pressure of the flood, she was stuck there as no one could reach there. Then a guy named Arjun comes and saves her. After some time, when he comes back into a conscious state, she asks about her mother. No one knows about her mother as it was a new place. Rajjo comes to know that it was Arjun that saved her.  She requests Arjun to find her mother. Arjun takes her to his home in order to help her

Arjun is an athele trainer. He has a girlfriend, Urvashi. Urvashi is very possessive and bossy. She does not like Rajjo. After some time, Urvashi and Arjun get engaged. Later,  Rajjo was thrown out of Arjun’s house. But Arjun does not know about it. After a series of events, Arjun finds Manaroma. And Finally, mother-daughter reunites. Rajjo’s marriage is already fixed with her cousin. So, her mother takes her back to their hometown. 

Rajjo returns to Arjun’s house

Vicky is a spoiled guy and plans to sell Rajjo after marriage. Rajjo already knows that he is not a good person but when Arjun tells her about his bad intentions, Rajjo calls off her wedding with Vicky. She returns back to Lucknow. Arjun takes him to his home and confesses his love for Rajjo. Urvashi gets heartbroken and decides to take revenge. She makes a plan to destroy them but Rajo caught her. But before she reveals Urvashi’s true face. Urvashi gets back Arjun by emotional blackmailing. Arjun agrees to marry Urvashi.

On the wedding day, Rajjo reveals the true face of Urvashi in front of everyone. Urvashi never loved Arjun and was just a greedy girl who wants Arjun’s wealth. Arjun apologizes to Rajjo but she does not forgive her. Later Madhumati and Manorama are planning to bring them closer. And after a lot of Struggles, their plan succeeds and finally, they both reunite. 

Arjun and Rajjo’s Marriage: Star Plus

Arjun purposes to Rajjo in front of his family. Later he puts sander and wears her Mangalsutar. After some time, a man arrives and says We’ve seen Rajjo’s running video on social media and we want her to join our training academy. Rajjo refuses to go with them as she is just married. The newly married couple were given tickets to the Maldives for their honeymoon but in the morning, Arjun gives a surprise to Rajjo and all family. He prepares a bag just for Rajjo and says that Rajjo will go for training. And the honeymoon trip will be after 6 months. 

Nikharika enters the story. She is Kalindi’s sister and Rajjo’s half-sister. Rajjo’s mother Manorama’s past traumas are due to Pushkar. He pretended to love Manorama. When she gets pregnant with his child, he left her. Rajjo is Pushkar’s daughter. 

Pushkar Sent to Jail:

In the latest episodes of the drama, we see that Rajjo’s father Pushkar Chaudhary is sent to jail when Manorma reveals the truth about him. Pushkar has now two daughters Nikharika and Kalindi from his wife Kavita Chaudhary. When Pushkar was sent to jail, his daughters make a plan against Arjun Singh and Rajjo. 

Niharika makes a false statement that she is pregnant with Arjun’s baby. Rajjo learns the truth that Niharika is lying but before she reveals it, the Police arrive and take Arjun with them. Chiragh asks Niharika to get her test done. Chiragh is Kalindi’s husband. Kalindi refuses as there was no test done and Manorma blames her dad. She says it is the same case for the father. But Rajjo still supports her husband and did not believe in her stepsisters. 

Kalindi later asks Niharika about her child’s father. She tells that it is her ex-boyfriend who pregnant her and then left her. Now, Arjun will up bring this Child and give him his name. Swana listens to all this but Kalindi black-nails her. Later, Rajjo takes back the case in order to save Arjun. His father Pushkar was released from jail. Now, rajjo asks for Arjuns bail. But her father says Arjun will release on one condition and that is when Arjun comes back from jail, he has to marry Nihariki. Rajjo gets shocked. 

Arjun Confronts his Love For Rajo:

Arjun comes back from jail. Niharika tries to convince him by making false statements. Arjun did not believe her and gets furious.  He says I know how you make me fool and made me drunk then disrespect me in front of my family. He throws her out of his room by saying that he only loves Rajjo. Rajjo enters the room through the window and confesses her love. Later, Arjun’s mom throws Rajjo and her mother out of her house and accepts Niharika.

Rajjo gets heartbroken but is hopeful that she and Arjun will reunite. Arjun and Nikarika’s engagements are fixed. Chiragh is not happy with this engagement. He considers Rajjo as her sister. He wants a reunion between Rajjo and Arjun. Rajjo arrives and secretly sees all this. But Arjun learns about her presence. He falls his engagement ring on the floor near Rajjo. Arjun sits near Rajjo and asks her to put the ring in his hand. Later on, on the wedding day, when Niharika was sitting on the mandap, with the help of Chiragh, the groom Arjun is replaced by Amit. Amit is Niharika’s ex-boyfriend and the father of his child. 

Rajjo along with Arjun enters the house and reveals the truth. Amit tells about the attack that was done by Nikharika and her father on him. Everyone gets shocked and the wedding was called off. In the upcoming episodes, what will happen next? Will Arjun’s family accept Rajjo? Will Niharika accept her defeat that easily? 

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