Star Plus Serial Faltu Twist: Ayaan Marries Faltu

Star Plus brought us a heartwarming drama serial named Faltu. It is a Romantic-Family serial that is produced by Boy Hood Productions on 2nd November 2022. All the Faltu Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

The male lead role is played by Aakash Ahuja and The female protagonist character is performed by Neeharika Chauksey in this Faltu drama serial. The telecast timings of the series are Monday to Sunday at 7 Am. Banni Chow Home Delivery was one of the best shows on Star Plus but it got replaced by the Faltu show later. 

Faltu Serial Story: Star Plus

The tale of Faltu revolves around an unwanted girl who is named Faltu which means useless. She is a beautiful, passionate young girl from a Rajasthan village. She loves playing cricket and wishes to change her fate through her passion. Nonetheless, she is a completely ideal figure of a strong woman. Because her character clearly presents how strong a woman should be and must not lose her aim in this discriminating world. After the birth of Faltu, she was rejected by all of her family members, especially her mother. She was the one who started calling her by the name of Faltu.

Faltu belonged to a very small village in Rajasthan where she along with her life resides. She was rebuked and abandoned for not being a son. And her mother wanted to have a boy because she already had three daughters. And this time she did not want a girl. Thus, having a fourth daughter in her house made her mother furious towards her. Her mother had societal pressure of giving birth to a boy, but the entry of a girl makes her furious and she names her Faltu.

Ayaan and Faltu Firs Encounter:

Though, being a girl Faltu had to face gender discrimination, and rejection from society. And it made her life journey more difficult to survive in such a pressurized culture. But she had this hidden talent and extreme love for cricket. Which is ignored by all of her family members and neighbors. Her cousin got all the opportunities but as of her age, she did not have them. She used to play cricket with sticks rather than a bat and ball. Because no one ever bought her bat and ball to pursue her dream.

But the hilarious entry of Ayaan in her life pushes her to follow her dream. They both eventually fall in love with each other and Ayaan becomes the support in her life who pushes her strongly to follow her passion for cricket. He started coaching her and training her to become a skilled cricketer. This drama serial is also available online on Disney+ Hotstar too. 

Faltu and Ayaan Reunion:

In the Latest Episodes, Ayaan and Faltu have reunited after a long period of time. Faltu has gained back her eyesight. Faltu confesses her love for Ayaan and always promises him that she will never leave him alone again. And after that, they both share a love bond. In the present day, Kanika advises Tanish to go to Ittarpur and take Ayaan along with her. But she refuses by telling them that she will not go there. And she needs to focus on her own career.

Tanisha tries to Kill Faltu:

Though, Tanisha has already created a mess between Ayaan and Faltu and has tried to make them apart. But it is their destiny that is keeping them closer together. Meanwhile, Faltu’s family has been changed by nature. They have started caring for her and this time, her family has planned to surprise Faltu by celebrating her Birthday.  Ayaan also joins them and starts planning the birthday event. Meanwhile, Charan and his family make their entry into the serial. But during the game sessions with the children, Tunisha traps Faltu and gets humiliated in front of everyone. But things get resolved by Ayaan and he holds all the matter.

Ayaan Proposes Faltu:

Later, Ayaan proposes to Faltu for marriage and she agrees upon that. But Charan could not bear this and wanted to keep Faltu away from Ayaan. Though, Ratan and Angoori who are so selfish and can do anything for money. They decide to stay in support of Ayaan and Faltu’s marriage in order to get money from Ayaan. But there comes a huge twist when Tunisha locks Faltu in a store room and sets the fire on. Faltu gets trapped in the store room. She is not alone there there are two other kids too. They start screaming and the voices are heard by Charan and Ayaan. And they both come there to help them. But Ayaan breaks the door and puts his life at risk and goes inside the store room to save Faltu.

Tunisha gets jealous of his act, and fears that if Faltu gets safely out her plan will be ruined. And Ayaan will find out her truth. But she is saved when Fltu tells the police that the fire might be set by Papi, not anyone else.  Tunisha gets relaxed when all the blame is put on Papi rather than her. But Ayaan’s family starts blaming Faltu for all the chaos. Though, Janardhan was not in favor of Ayaan’s marriage with Faltu. But he has agreed upon their relationship because he has joined the hand switch Tunsiha to break their marriage. 

Faltu Serial TRP Ratings: Disney+ Hotstar

Talking about the Trp rating of the Faltu serial, it could not reach the heights of the Anupama serial. But with its inspiring storyline and characterization scheme it is expected to gain high TRP ratings too. This serial highlights the social and political matters of domestic violence and gender discrimination issues. The show sensibly holds the message for society about focusing on building up the strong identities of girls.  And that is for sure a golden ticket for having a high TRP series. Well, Neeharika is also playing a very bold role in the Stra plus Hottest serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. 

Star Plus Serial Faltu Details:

Television Show  Faltu
Main Star Cast                                              Niharika Chouksey
Aakash Ahuja
Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         Star Plus
Channel Disney+Hotstar
Release Date & Timing              2 November 2022, 9:00 Pm

Latest Twist Faltu Serial: Ayaan Marries Faltu

In the next episode, the media comes and starts questioning Faltu for having an illegal relationship with Ayaan. Ayaan joins the conference and puts the sindoor in Flatu’s mang and makes her his wife. Tunisha gets disappointed to see this drama.

Meanwhile, Janrdhan announces that all of the wealth will be transferred to his company because Ayaan has married Faltu rather than Tanisha. And from now on, Tunisha will take hold of all of their property Ayaan takes the bold step of marrying Faltu in front of everyone because of his father’s inhumane act. He invites Faltu to the stage and humiliates her for being a middle-class girl. And also makes fun of her name and her family. In order to save AFaltu’s reputation, Ayaan holds her hand and marries her. Now Flatu is in a huge challenge after becoming Ayaan’s wife. Because Ayaan’s family is still not accepting her presence in their son’s life. And the presence of Tunisha is causing her a lot of damage. How will Faltu save her marital life and also win the hearts of the Mittal family? 

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