Star Plus Serial Chashni Latest Twist: Chandni Plans to Expose Raunaq

Chashni is a Star plus serial

Star Plus recently launched a new Hindi serial titled Chashni on 9th March 2023. It is produced by Sol productions company and directed by Sandip Sikcand. This family drama is a Hindi-Indain-language serial that casts Amandeep Sindhu and Sai Ketan Rao as the leading stars. Chashni serial is also digitally available on Disney+ Hotstar from Monday-Friday. All the Chashni Aaj Ka Episodes are presented on Undekha serial daily.

This Family drama serial story revolves around two loving sisters, Roshni and Chandni who look like twin sisters but have completely different personality traits. But a huge tragedy makes them apart and they become rivals. 

Chashni Serial Written story:

The first episode of the drama serial starts with Roshni and Chandni’s life journey. Chandni has become a successful firefighter in the community with her hard work and honesty. While Roshni who is in love with Nirbhay arranges a success party at her home for her sister Chandni. But when Chandni informs her that their father is alive. Roshni gets angry with her sister and warns her that she will never think of him again. Nor she will dare to get him in this house. Roshni and Chandni were brought up by their grandparents.

However, Their parents left them and because of their father’s act, they have to face humiliation in society every time. Roshni says to Chandni that her father is a killer and she will not accept his presence in her life. Chandi tries to tell Roshni that she must not get so hyper but she refuses to listen to her. Meanwhile, Nirbahy calms her down and asks her to understand the situation. And fighting with her own sister is not right. Nirbhay is a very innocent and honest man. He loves Roshni which Chandi is not aware of.

Chandni Brings her father Back to Home:

On the other hand, Raunaq makes his entry into the serial as their neighbor. And also comes to the Chnadni’s party with an invitation. But her dadi asks Chandni to let him stay and have some food.  In the upcoming episode, Nirbhay and Raunq help Chandni to bring her father safely from the hospital. While the gangsters were coming there to kill him.

In the Next Episode, Chandni finds out that her father was innocent and he has never hurt anybody. It was Nirbhay’s father who killed the person in the past. And framed their father as the killer. Chandni confesses the truth to Nirbhay and he promises her to bring the truth in front of everyone honestly. But when Roshni finds out that Nirbhay is helping Chandni, she gets angry at her for involving him in such a terrible matter.

Roshni blames Chandni for Nirbhay’s Death:

In the present episode, a fire gets set in a warehouse where Nirbhay gets stuck and loses his life. Chandni brings his dead body home to perform the last rituals but Roshni stops her from doing so. She takes the fire from her hands and blames her because of her Nirbhay is dead. Everything that happened in her life is because of her stubbornness to bring her father back.

Though, Nirbhay was innocent. But you kept on doubting his honesty. Meanwhile, Chandni confesses the truth that she has never felt wrong about Nirbhay. Also tells Roshni that Nirbhay was not the one who set the club on fire. She knows he was innocent but Roshni stops her and confronts that she is a huge obstacle in her life from now on. And she will not let her live a happy life. You have taken Nirbhay from me and from now on I will not let you get what you want in your life too.

Raunaq Confesses his involvement behind Nirbhay’s death case:

Meanwhile, things get worse when Ronaq confronts that he was the one who set the club on fire. He also confronts in front of Chandni that he is the one who did not want Chandi to get a happy life. He wanted his revenge and by giving Nirbhay the idea o setting the fire he took his revenge on her. 

Furthermore, after hearing the truth from Raunaq, Chandni claims that he thinks he has broken her. But it is his fault that he can break my strength. I will prove my and Nirbhay’s innocent in front of Roshni and will bring her back to our home. In the next episode, Chandni comes to Raunaq’s showroom inauguration party but she ruins his happiness by claiming that the legal formalities of opening a showroom are not yet completed. So in that case, Party can not be held place.

Roshni Marries Sumer to Take Revenge on Chandni:

On the other hand, she gets an invitation from Sumer. He invites her to a party at his home but she gets shocked to see that Roshni is there. But her life takes a huge upside down when Roshni tells her that she is now Sumer’s wife. It was a long time since the sisters were meeting. At the party when she sees Roshni as the new bride, gets shocked. But shows Roshni that she is happy in her happiness. But When Chandni finds out that Sumer and Raunaq are working together and he catches Raunaq taking money from Sumer makes her more worried than ever.

Roshni blames Chandni for stealing the diamond Necklace:

Meanwhile, Meher tells to Roshni that her diamond necklace is missing, and upon that, Roshni says that Chandi would have taken that. But Channdi refuses to accept the allegations because she has not done anything. She does not understand that Roshni is trying to trap her. At the present time, Staff and other members’ luggage are checked so as Chandni’s too. And the searcher founds that necklace in Chandni’s purse which Roshni has given her. All the blame is put on Chandi and she is also left shocked that how that necklace came in her purse.

Then all her misunderstandings get solved when she finds out that Roshni’s anger towards her is not yet over. And it is her plan to humiliate her in front of everyone to her revenge on me. Roshni takes advantage of the accident and calls the police to get her sister arrested. In that case, Chandi will lose her reputation and her job at the same time. Things go as Roshni is planning but Manav tells Chandi that her job can be secured if she gets a handwritten proof of her innocence from the Babbar family. When, Chandni comes to Roshni’s home but she throws her out by giving strict instructions to the guard, to not let any thief enter her home. 

Star Plus Serial Chashni (चाशनी) Cast, Release Date & Telecast Timing Details

Drama Name Chashni
Channel Name: Star Plus, Disney+Voot
Language: Indian- Hindi
Release Date: 9 March 2023
Telecast Days
Telecast Timings
Monday- Friday
11:00 PM
Directed by: Sameer Kulkarni
Main Cast Amandeep Sidhu
Srishti Singh
Sai Ketan Rao
Produced By Sandiip Sikcand
Veena Sikcand
Total Episodes 21- Ongoing
Recurring Cast Vandana Vithlani,
Sumeet Sachdev
Hitanshu Jinsi
Aryan Arora
Jatin Singh Jamwaltar

Chashni Latest Twist: Chandi and Raunaq’s Revenge Story

Though Raunaq had his anger toward Chandni he was also gets surprised to see Chandi at the police station. And immediately starts laughing at her condition to make her fun. Not only that, but he also takes a picture of her in jail to keep the record, Meanwhile, Roshni appears there and warns Chandni to stay away from her otherwise she will lose everything she has never thought of. She gets her bail but is still worried about how will she save her dream job from losing.

Furthermore, Dadi is well aware of the fact that Roshni is behind all the chaos and also advises her granddaughter to stay away from her sister. Because she will not miss any chance to ruin her life and also she not sign any papers which will prove that Chandni is innocent. Till now we have realized that Roshni and Raunaq’s anger toward Chandni is the same. They both want to hurt her in any case. And Raunaq is doing all this to take his lover Avantika’s death revenge from Channdi. Well, that story is not yet revealed to the audience. 

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