Sony TV Serial Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Written Story and Cast Details

Arabian Nights character Ali Bab is an Indian serial. The serial Alibaba is based on a man who believes that you can achieve anything based on love, kindness, and affection. Must watch Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2 Today Full Episode on Desi Drama daily.

Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul Serial Story: Chapter 1

Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan M. Khan are playing the lead roles in the serial. This serial will be aired on Sony SAB. This serial is produced by Nisar Parvez and Aland Srivastava. Alibaba’s broadcast days are Monday through Friday at 8 p.m. Chapter 2 of Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha launched Manul Chudasama and Abhishek Nigam as the main leads. The drama serial Alibaba is completely different from the real story of Alibaba and the 40 Thieves. Once, Alibaba and Princess Marrium met in a desert, and Alibaba helped her reach the royal palace. Both of them fall in love with each other. The gate commander of the royal palace stopped them and did not allow Alibaba to enter the royal palace. because the commander also loves the princess.

He is not of the human race; he is of the demonic race, as he used to ride on his forty black horses. The sound of his horse’s feet trembles not only the hearts of men but also the souls. The earth begins to shake, and the winds become pure like a corpse. Also, Alibaba is on the way with his forty-two dark horses.

ABDK: Ali Baba and Princes!

In the first episode, Alibaba said to the emperor’s manager I have heard that the Emperor will stop at Pervaz before going to Herat, and you will arrange his stay. Yes, I am giving. Leave me alone, sir. I am recently married. He replied.  Alibaba said if you want to return safely to your wife. You will give Princess Mariam’s hand to Alibaba. To whom will you give it? Alibaba asked.  The poor man replied, “Ali Baba, sir.” Princess Mariam will go to Alibaba. Forgive me, sir. Be sure to invite us to the wedding. Alibaba said.

You bastards!  Why did I need to be dragged here like a goat? My back feels broken. If I was dead, you could have left me there. I could walk back later. But no!  Ali, to hell with your friendship. Khusro said.  Shame on your acting. You could not act properly even as a dead body. Khusro said I’m going. Alibaba said I was joking. We will take the Princess Mariam contract and earn a lot of money.

Now just pray that the news of our activity does not reach the original 40 thieves. A member of the group said Khusro replied that if it reaches him, what will happen? Our friend Ali’s father was the famous magician Mustafa. “May his soul rest in peace,” they prayed.

Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha: Chapter 2 Written Story

He had freed Kabul from 40 thieves. So there must be some magic in Ali’s blood too. He will manage it, won’t you, Ali? Khusro asked.  Of course, let those 40 thieves come. I will stand before them with my chest puffed out and then run away. Everyone laughed.  Oh God, my kids! My kids!  I promised to get them out. You all manage; I’ll go. Goodbye!  On the other hand, Alibaba’s children are making pancakes for Alibaba but Alibaba also bought pancakes for them.

We got a contract. Alibaba surprised his friends. Congratulations!  We understand. We will make such a beautiful marquee that a princess would say, “What a beautiful marquee!” Alibaba got the news that Gullriz’s condition was critical. Ali needs money to treat Gulriz. He asked his brother for money, but he refused to help him. Her brother and sister-in-law insult her. Ali experiences flashbacks of that moment. Ali remembered the cave of Iblis, which is full of jewels. Once he and his father entered this cave.

Ali Finds Out About His Mother Roshni:

One day, the grandmother told Alibaba about her mother. She said that death can separate us all, but it can never separate a mother from her child. Like a blessing, your mother is still alive in your heart, my child. Ali Baba said,  Dadi why did you never tell me about my own mother ever. What does she look like? an unmatched beauty so compassionate Being a humanitarian comes naturally to him. Your mother was like that too. Ali Baba asked, “Mom, and magic?” because my father was a magician. Your father was a businessman; he became a magician because of your mother. Grandma replied.  How did my mother get into all this?

Your mother belonged to the holy land of India. She came here to help the poor and to kill Simsim and Iblis. Magic was her talent. Simsim was talking to his devils and said that Ali is the son of Mustafa and Roshni the magician. Then how about this mark on his back? I inflicted this wound on Roshni. I felt that Roshni was dead, but I think she is still alive after being attacked by Iblis. Roshni is alive, and she is from Som Kabila. That is why his son Ali also has the same mark.

Dadi Tells Ali to Kill Iblis and Capture Simsim:

Dadi shows Ali the things that belong to his mother. These are memories. And your parents’ last belonging is you. Dadi shows Ali a picture of her parents. Ali said his parents fight evil till the end. Therefore, it is my duty to eradicate evil from this planet. I will destroy Iblis and Simsim. I will not let Simsim get to Talisman. Simsim’s demon told him that no one can go to Shangri-la unless you find someone who belongs to the Som Kabila. Simsim replies that the talisman is with his mother, and her son is her only way. Now Ali Baba will bring a talisman for me. 

Alibaba was thinking about his parents when he received the letter. In the letter, it was written that if you wanted to know about the talisman, meet me near the river. He was thinking about who could send me. Ali reached the river, but there was no one there. Suddenly Simsim appeared and said, Ali! Are you going without meeting me? For me, Ali refused to accept her deal and came home to enjoy the meal with Marjina. Suddenly, they heard some voices: Dadi was dead and Nazia Bhabhi was crying.

Chapter 2 of Ali Baba Serial All Details: SonyLIV

Name Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2
Language Hindi, Urdu
Channel Sony SAB
Recurring Cast Arisht Jain (Imaad Abdali)
Sara Paintal (Gulrez)
Ekagra Dwivedi (Poya)
Jared Savaille (Nafi Afghani)
Ananya Dwivedi (Alifi)
Naved Aslam (Mustafa)
Daljeet Soundh (Noora Bibi)
Vineet Raina (Qasim)
Sapna Thakur (Nazia)
First Episode Date 16 January 2023
Producer Nissar Parvez, Alind Srivastava
Directed by Maan Singh Manku, Ravi Bhushan
Telecast Timings 7 PM
Telecast Days Monday- Saturday

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