Sony TV Madam sir Serial: Gudu and Bablu are Imprisoned

Madam Sir is an Indian comedy series produced by Jay Mehta. The actual date of the series is 24 February 2022. The series telecasts from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM. The series will air on Sony SAB. All the Madam Sir Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

Drama series Madam Sir Story:

The entire story of Madam Sir revolves around four female officers. All these female officers have their own characteristics. Karishma is an angry police officer but she has a good heart. But Hasina Malik gets emotional while solving cases. The conflicting nature of these two women sometimes creates a rift.

Their different nature led to their transfer from Mahila Thana. DSP Anubhav came to resolve the ideological differences between the two lady officers. The show also depicts the love aspects of life as Hasina falls for DSP Anubhu. But later feigns love for him to work together on a dangerous national case. However, Madam Sahib is a show that empowers women and does not follow society’s stereotypical attitude toward female comedy. It also focuses on the struggles of Indian women.

Moreover, Constable Pushpa is dealing with a prankster, at the Ladies Special Branch, Lucknow. While talking on the phone, she hears some commotion. Outside the police station, she asks Santosh what was happening there. But Looking outside, Santosh saw there was a warning sign on the claim notice board. The police station will be closed for 30 days. Santosh tells this to Puhpo and Cheeta. Pushpa advises all employees to run away from the station. 

Karishma’s plan backfires on her:

Since they were all about to escape from the back door, Inspector Hasina Malik stopped them. She takes them inside the police station. She assures the crowd that she will pay off all the debt before the station closes. Meanwhile, Karisma Singh brought a buyer and Sends him to the police station. Hasina Malik sends the buyer back and tells her staff to file an FIR within 24 hours.

All the staff is worried about the suspension. Meanwhile, They are trying to find ways to lodge an FIR. Pushpa gets an idea and She collects the women in the station. And one of them started worshiping a goddess. Meanwhile, she asks them to register an FIR if they have any problems. Her plan fails as no one files an FIR. Later on, Karishma comes up with another plan that tries to catch the culprits who intimidate every woman on the street. Haseena shouts and asks the DSP to File an FIR against them. As her plan backfires Some of these women enter the police station, and lodge an FIR against Karishma herself. They are threatening them openly. Finally, Haseena reaches the station and orders Karisma to Fix the situation.

Everyone is happy to know about this woman. The police station will remain open now. Suddenly, a young girl comes and complains about the fake Degree. The racketeer Hasina Malik commands everyone to bust this racket. They try hard, but there is no success in collecting concrete evidence. Scammers run very cleverly and leave no clue behind them. 

Haseena scolds Karishma:

Karishma slaps Toteja for his actions. But Haseena scolds Karisma for this act. She orders Karishma to investigate the case in her own way, but she will do it herself. The two lady cops find out about a lead. They get there in disguise to catch the criminal.

The Power to Live Freely is everyone’s need. In the Latest Episode, we see that Naya is saved by Madam Sir. Now, Madam is expecting Nia to come back to his senses.  Recently, after regaining consciousness, Haseena tells Sir about some boys who molested her when she was attending a friend’s wedding. However, he reported the incident to the police station but Nothing happened.  Then, These boys attacked her later too. Though, Nia came back that night. But the women’s police station was so busy with Republic Day Celebration.  and no one could help her. But Karishma played her duty well and made us proud too. 

The Powerful Politician:

Karisma Singh took the boys into custody. who had misbehaved with Nia that night? The group threatens Karisma Singh instead of repenting for them. The group prides itself on its strong ties with the city’s most influential politician. Karisma Singh ignores their words and drags them away. At the police station, the madam requests that the new police station identify the boys who attacked her that night, but the new one is traumatized. But she asks her to keep on trying and give him courage. 

Vandana Suri’s Case

Mahila comes to the rescue of Vandana Suri at the police station after her employer fires her. He reported to the police that he was fired because of this. human error. Karishma Singh informs Madam Sir of the situation, and Madam Sir happens to know Vandana’s employer. Because the owner of this company had given a huge donation to a campaign for retired police officers, Madam Sir believes his reasons for firing Vandana. Karishma Singh doubts the employer and believes Vandana is correct on
her grounds. The employer believes that Vandana is valid. Its foundations were eventually laid by Madam Sir. Madam Sir ordered Cheeta and Billu to uncover the truth. 

Mission Devalpur 

Shazia runs away and tries to reach her village in order to save her mother, but Madam Sir stops her. She tells her that she will go to her village Devalpur, and save her mother instead. Madam Sir said to Pushpa Ji, Cheeta, and Balu that she is accompanied by Karisma Singh in the exam to take care of her and help her break through. Haseena moves back on her journey While Bablu searches for the new mission. Shazia comes to the city while Bablu continues his job at Mahila station. he tortures her parents While Madam Sir and Karisma Singh leave. So, the police department intervenes and tries to take Shazia away. 

Sony TV show Madam Sir Details: 

Television Show Maddam Sir
Recurring Cast Bhavika Sharma
Satyapal Landge
Ashwani Rathore
Gaurav Wadhwa
Rajesh Dubey
Umesh Bajpai
Nimesh Soni
Rahil Azam
Esha Kansara
Savi Thakur
Rachana Parulkar
Maddam Sir Season 2 cast Gulki Joshi
Sonali Naik
Priyanshu Singh
Rahil Azam
Ajay Jadhav
Yashkant Sharma
Meera Joshi
Lakshya Handa
Krishna Verma as Aakash
Ajay Dutta As Jaggya Bhaiya
Noorie Parveen Ali Shushma
Aman Mishra as Adil Sheikh
Language Hindi
Network Sony Sab TV
Release Date  24 February 2020

Defending the police Station

“Madam Sir and Karisma Singh finally meet Guddu.” They deliberately create confusion. Between the two brothers, Guddu’s brother Bablu promised him. Make a movie that Guddu tells them Bablu has. He left for a while, and once he came back, they solved things. So Madam Karisma Singh decided to stay the night. They learn from the local women that Nigma committed torture for these bankrupt brothers. sending his daughter Shazia to the city. Madam Sahib can save Nigma from this.

Madam Sir and Karisma Singh finally meet Guddu.”  They intentionally create confusion between the two brothers by stating that Guddu’s brother Bablu has promised them to make a movie. Guddu tells them Bablu has been gone for a while, and once he returns, they sort things out. So Madam Karisma Singh decided to stay the night. They learn from the local women that Nigma committed suicide for these bankrupt brothers. After Haseena decides to send his daughter Shazia to the city. So, Madam Sahib can save Nigma from this.

Madam Sir’s promotion 

Madam Sir and Karisma Singh enlist the help of local women to save Nigma from Bablu and Guddu’s goons. The group of women comes to the forest and confronts Guddu’s goons. Madam Sir and Karisma Singh fight the goons and manage to save Nigma and capture Bablu and Guddu with the help of Santosh Sharma. Shazia was also rescued safely by Inspector Meera. Madam Sir and her team unite to save their police station.

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