Sony SAB Serial Sapnon Ki Chhalaang Twist: Radhika to join ACS

Sapnon Ki Chhalaang sony Tv Serial

Sony Entertainment Television’s new serial Sapno Ki Chhalaang was released on 10th April 2023 starring Megha Ray and Fahmaan Khan as the leading cast. This drama serial also casts Kashish Paul, and Alma Hussein as the supporting cast. All the Sapno Ki Chhalaang Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

The tale of Sanon Ki Chalang traces the life journey of a passionate girl Radhika Yadav. Radhika Yadav’s character is played by Megha Ray. She is a hardworking girl from Jhansi City, India. With the strain of faith and hopes she wishes to go to Mumbai City to fulfill her dreams. And to support her family in their crisis. This serial is all about her aspiring journey in which she keeps on empowering herself to face new challenges. How will Radhika face all the struggles in Mumbai City? And living alone in a big city like Mumbai, finding herself a house and good roommates is a big challenge for her. 

Sapno Ki Chhalaang Serial Story:

The tale of Radhika starts with her her success. She passes her exam and is now preparing for her interview to get the job. Radhika was so excited and nervous too but at the time of her interview, she get confused. And could not answer the panel properly. She comes back to her home and there her father and uncle bring the job new. But later, she also gets a job proposal from her dream company and decides to join. But her father and uncle are not agreeing on her joining the job in Mumbai. Because they think that a girl can not go out of her hometown for a job. 

Currently, the episode starts with the problem of Radhika’s joining. Her father and uncle ask her to forget about going to Mumbai and she has got a job here too. There is no need to go anywhere else. Radhika apologizes to them that she did not telling them about her job because she also did not know if she will get it or not. But today she has got the chance to change her destiny along with her life. She is not willing to lose her job in any case. But her father, radge declines and scolds her for being stubborn about that.

Radhika gets the Job:

Meanwhile, her mother Suman stops him. And says that they will talk about this matter later. After that, Radhika’s grandmother gets angry with her for hiding the truth. And blames that she knew what her daughter is aiming to do so. Radika’s uncle also advises her to leave the thoughts of going anywhere. Also, he demands that she must refuse the company for joining the job. And if you will say no to this and join Sahai Institute everyone in this town will praise her sacrifice.

Furthermore, Her mother takes a stand for her and tries to convince her father. But he refuses to listen to what she is saying. And tells her mother that she does not know how difficult is it for girls to live alone out there. She will not be safe and no one will be there to support her. Meanwhile, Radhika makes her entry and requests her father to allow her. But he scolds her off and tells her to be quiet because there is nothing left for her. And women look better at handling the responsibilities of their families. I was a man but my brother helped me growing up. You are my daughter and a woman. And I know you can not do this alone. She says to he father that he must believe in her and give her a chance to prove him wrong.

Radhe refuses to Allow Radhika to go to Mumbai:

Also, She is not thinking about her future but also wants her family’s future to be secure. And it is only possible when she will go to Mumbai. Meanwhile, Lucky makes his entry and tries to convince  Radhika’s uncle and her grandmother that if she will go to Mumbai and join the ACS job she will make their future strong. When Radhika sees that no one in her family was agreeing with her she tells her mother that she has to reject the job proposal. And if she is joining she has to inform them about it too. After a lot of incidents, Ravi takes Radhika with him to a lassi stall. And there he tries to convince her that she is a girl. And Mumbai is not a safe city for her.

But Radhika tells him that he is her brother. He must help her in building a strong attitude rather than teach her to give up. Then her brother explains to her that her family is not worried about her nor it is a matter of belief. Her family believes in their daughter but not in the evil men roaming freely on the streets. Bade Papa also tells her that Radhika you are a very sensible daughter and I know you will prioritize your job more than your family. 

Sony Sab Serial Sapno Ki Chhalaang Details:

Serial Name Sapno Ki Chhalaang – सपनो की छलांग
Channel Sony LIV
Telecast Days Monday to Friday
Telecast Time  09:30 PM
Release Date 10th April 2023
Total Episodes 10
Main Cast Megha Ray as Radhika Yadav
Fahmaan Khanm
Kashish Paul Duggal
Alma Hussein


Sapno Ki Chhalaang Latest Twist: Radhika goes to Mumbai

Moreover, Radhika tries to make his family understand that if she does the job, her younger brother Pintu will not have to sacrifice his happiness and future security. Radhika fights with her family and tells her father that just because she is a daughter and a girl. He has got no right to make decisions on behalf of her. She knows what is best for her. But her uncle tells her that in our society men are men and women are women. And send the refusal email to ACS and forget about going to Mumbai, no more discussions will be held a place at my home anymore.

Radhika struggles in Mumbai:

In the upcoming episode, Radhika makes Radhe cry. And he tells her that she has got their respect in her hands. If anything happens to it she will be held accountable for that. Radhika promises him to believe in her because she will never make him disappointed. He smiles and says Radhika I am proud of you and I believe that one day everyone will be on you too. Suman also gets emotional and the episode ends here. Meanwhile, in the present episode, Radhika and Lavi are looking for an apartment and Lavi tells her that she is not willing to live with another girl. Because she fears that they can be alcoholics too. So Lavi and Radhika take a small apartment for rent.

The next morning, Radhika’s mother Suman calls her to wake her up for the job. And after a quiet struggle, she reaches the ACS office. But at the job, Radhika gets shocked to listen when an ACS member announces that all the candidates are in the prohibition period for 3 months. And the permanent selection of 5 members will be done after that. Well, Radhika seems in little shocked but encourages herself again that she must prove herself worthy of the job. Because that is the only way she can make her family believe in her.   

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