Sony Liv Serial Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum Twist: Shiv Falls in Love With Surili

The Hindi serial Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum is a Romantic-family drama that premiered on Sony Tv on 10th April 2023. It also digitally streams on SonyLIV too under the banner of Swastik Productions. The stars are Tina Datta and Jay Bhanushali as the main leads. This drama serial is based on the popular Turkish serial known as Istanbull Gelin which was released on 3 March 2017. It was directed by Zeynep Gunay Tan and Deniz Kolos. All the Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

Tina Datta is playing the character of Surili Ahuja while, Jay is playing the character of a royal prince, Shivendra Barot. Surili is a very simple, and middle-class-loving girl. She is from Colaba, Mumbai, and runs her own gramophone cafe. That cafe is part of their living since her parents died. While Shivendra is the prince charming of Ranakgadh. He is a very mature, sensible, decent, and modern entrepreneur. As he lives in Mumbai but is completely tied to his traditions and rituals that her mother never let them break. Damayanti Barot is the main lead in the serial who will be seen involved in the lives of Surili and Shivendra. 

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum:

The first episode starts with Surili making cookies at her cafe. She wakes up in her wake at the noise of her microwave. In the first scene, she has been seen as passionate and doing all her tasks with hard work. On the first day of the episode, both Surili and Shivendra meet. Shiv comes to her office to get coffee but finds out that he has forgotten his violet at home. But Surili gives him free coffee by telling him that he can come there next time and give it back to her if he wants. Shiv gets surprised at this and goes to his work.

In the meeting with Talwar, he demands his name be prioritized more than Barot’s. Shiv shocks him by making changes to the deal. Talwar apologizes to him for his misbehavior and asks him to be polite. Shiv has got a very strong personality and attitude. 

Shivendra Breaks the Deal with Talwar:

The Second episode starts with Shiv and Surili’s meeting but this time Talwar creates chaos and blames Surili. Shiv gets angry and beats him up for saying nonsense stuff. On the other side, Shiv meets with Murad Chacha. And tells him that he knows how much he loves to keep unique things. His brother Bandish says him to be calm and less dramatic because this gramophone can be fixed from any restoration gallery. But it is Shivendra, he wants everything perfect. And when he sees a pigeon falling on his car he considers good luck and orders to start the work right away.

On the other hand, in the competition place, Surili along with Sasha stands in the same lane. And she tells Surili that you are a very lucky girl because your price charm is coming towards her and he will change her bad luck into good luck. And Sasha says to Surili today your every wish will come true. But Surili laughs at her and tells her that she does not want anything except her doll house.  In order to get Surili’s gramophone fixed Shivendra goes to Purani Gali with Bandish.

Surili’s Gramophone got Fixed because of Shiv:

Meanwhile, when they reach there, her mother calls Bandihs and asks him why the deal with Talwar go canceled. Then he explains to her that Tlawar misbehaved with big brother Shiv. And today we couldn’t come because of some girl’s gramophone. My Brother wants to get it fixed as soon as possible. Rani Maa gets angry and asks Bandish to give the phone to Shiv but he informs her that he is not there. Meanwhile, Shiv asks the people in that Gali to tell him about Murad’s address. But when he meets Murad he refuses to repair the gramophone because he has kept doing work. Murad requests him but he refuses to do so. And starts playing his carom.

Although, Bandish tells Shiv to leave the place because it is not safe for him. He must take care of his life but Shiv is stubborn and will not go until he gets his work done. On the other side, Surili finds out a two-step doll house and starts bargaining because the house is expensive. She sells the recordings to get them. Meanwhile, Shiv starts playing Carom with Murad, and his son bets him that no one has ever won any game against him in 15 years.

Shiv Loses Carrom Gmae from Murad:

Out of curiosity, he gathers everyone to watch the game. Meanwhile, surili asks the shopkeeper to ask about the price to Murad once. But Bandish refuses to do so and is sure that Shiv will win the game because he loves playing Carom too. Murad asks Siv if this gramophone belongs to him or his parents but Shiv tells him that it does not belong to him but to his friend. But it got broken because of him and it was so precious to his friend. And he can not see her in pain. But Murad understands and tells him that he knows it belongs to a special person and asks him about her name. But Shiv refuses to tell her name because in reality he also does not know her real name too.

Murad tells Shiv is in Love:

Murad tells Shiv that the gramophone he brought here is 50 years old. Shiv gets shocked to listen but tells him that he does not know anything about its past. And this Gramophone brings people closer to each other. Meanwhile, Murad wins the game. And tells Shivendra that people who have fallen in love never win Carrom. He also tells him that before his coming two girls came to him once. And wishes to sell the gramophone but it is outdated now and no one brings them.

But when Murad sees the recordings he finds out that Surili also came here for the gramophone too. It is a pair and now I will get it fixed because it belongs to one another. And once it got fixed no one would be able to separate them again. Murad asks Shiv to buy a recording and in return, he will fix the gramophone. Meanwhile, Murad hides the recordings. On the other side, Shiv’s mother is sacred of the predictions of Kalika.

Shiv gifts Surili the Gramophone:

On the other side, when Surili comes back to her home she finds out about the vacate of their house. And asks her aunt but she advises her to ignore everything. Since then, she hears the voice of her gramophone and runs outside of the house and sees Shiv there with her gramophone. Out of happiness, Surili starts dancing and thanks, Shiv. Shiv who is fallen in love with her kept on watching her smile. 

In the next episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, Raani Maa is worried about Shiv and his concerns about the gramophone girl. She orders Veer to go to Mumbai and find out everything about Surili because she does not want anything to happen to her son. She hallucinates a snake out of fear. And decides to get her son married soon.   

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum Serial Details:

Serial Name
Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum
Telecast Days and Time
Monday to Friday at 9.00 PM
Telecast Channel Sony Entertainment Television
Streaming Platform SonyLIV
HNRH Release Date
10th April 2023
Telecast Days
Monday- Friday
Main Cast
Tina Datta
Jay Bhanushali

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