Rabb Se Hai Dua Serial Upcoming Twist: Haider Decides to Marry Ghazal

Zee Tv presents Rab Se Hai Dua serial under the banner of LSD Films Private Limited. It is a family-drama serial that is launched in Hindi-Indian Language. All the Rab Se Hai Dua Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

It is also digitally available on Zee5 and is produced by Prateek Sharma. Rab Se Hai Dua serial was released on 28th November 2022 starring Richa Rathore, Aditi Sharma, and Karanvir Sharma as the leading cast. 

Rab Se Hai Dua Serial Written Story:

The tale of Rab Se Hai Dua revolves around a happily married couple Haider and Dua. But their happy life takes a dramatic turn when Dua’s husband decides to marry again by claiming his Islamic right to second marriage without any reason. Ghazal is the other character who is looking after Haider to marry him. 

Dua Haider is a very beautiful and loving wife. She belongs to Farooqabad and is a less-educated woman. She is married to an entrepreneur Haider who runs his own garment shop. They are living a happy life when Ghazal an outspoken person makes her drastic entry into their lives. Ghazal Rahmnai is a very bold and strong woman who holds a revenge relationship with the Haider family. Also, Dua and this new girl have totally different personalities. Dua is a friendly and loving woman while Ghazal is selfish and holds hateful emotions in her heart. Ghazal makes her entry at Haider’s home but traps his brother Ruhaan also in her love spell.

At the beginning of the story, Haider did not like Ghazal for her attitude and disruptive nature but later starts liking her presence around him. Dua who is unknown of her husband’s feelings lets Ghazal roam around her family. In the recent episodes, the earthquake hits the city and Ghazal along with other employees gets stuck in Hiader’s clothing factory. When Haider gets to know about them, he goes there. And by risking his life he saves Ghazal.

Haider saves Ghazal:

Meanwhile, Dua also reaches there but things have moved out of her hands. And she is not noticing them. Out of sympathy, Haider requests Dua to let Ghazal stay at their home until she manages to get another home for her. Ghazal becomes happy upon that and tries to become friends with Dua. Well, Dua’s mother-in-law Hina and her grandmother warn Dua about Ghazal and her family. And Hina also tells her that in the past Ghazal’s father took promised her to get her son married to his daughter. But things have gone differently and god has chosen Dua as Haider’s wife.

Though she is worried that Haider ever comes to know the truth, Ghazal’s father had once saved his life. He will try to do anything to pay his debt back. Meanwhile, Anjum who is playing the role of Haider’s grandmother tries to warn Dua to get Ghazal out of their lives. Because her presence can bring her a great loss in her happy married life. Well, after a series of events, Ghazal starts liking Haider and later falls in love with him. She wants to marry him and Hina who is ashamed of the past conspiracy apologizes to Ghazal.

Ghazal Traps Haider:

Ghazal pretends that he has forgiven her. But in reality, she is working along with Hiader’s stepmother Gulnaaz. Gulnaz hates Haider and his mother Hina and wants to take hold of all of their property. But Hina has become a fool and has started treating Ghazal as her daughter. After a lot of events, when Dua and Haider’s relationship was getting disturbed Dua realizes that something is strange. And then she notices that Ghazal is trying to be with her husband each time. And they both are spending time with each other. Dua confronts Ghazal and she accepts that she had planned to get Haider out of her life.

Meanwhile, Dua puts all her efforts to get Ghazal out of her house but Ghazal has trapped Ruhan. And he is becoming a huge barrier in their way. Ghazal is using Ruhan to get Haider’s attention. Though Dua tries her best to get her away from her family Hina scolds her for blaming Ghazal. Furthermore, Anjum is against Ghazal and she finds evidence too. But how can Gulnaaz and Ghazal let that happen? She tries to destroy the evidence but in that attempt, she kicks Anjum from the stairs. And she gets paralyzed.

Anjum gets paralyzed because of Ghazal:

Though, Ghazal is in a calm situation because she knows that Anjum is not able to expose her truth to anyone now. Ghazal also traps Haider’s loyal servant Mumtaz Sahab to get out of their house. Because he is the only person after Anjum who has heard their plans. In order to keep things straight, Ghazal decides to do an engagement event with Ruhaan. But soon, Gulnaaz’s plans get revealed to the family and they decide to break all the knots with her. This time Gulnaaz requests Dua to help her stay at her house and in return, she will help her get Ghazal out of her life. Because she knows how to get evidence against her. 

In the previous episode, Ghazal plans to trap Ruhan in an illegal case. But Haider knows that his brother is innocent and he can do such an inhumane act to his own lover. But she keeps on manipulating him against his own brother. By telling him that Ruhaan has also made predictions in front of her that his brother Haider is keeping an eye on his bride.

Ghazal Manipulates Haider against Dua:

Through her evil acts, she is trying her best to manipulate Haider and break his trust in his brother. And while Dua was about to entrust them Gulnaz requests her not to do so. Because Ghazal has blackmailed her that if she let anyone come between them. She will ruin their lives and also will marry her son Ruhaana and sends him to jail. She requests Dua to help her save her son from the witch. 

Furthermore, Haider promises Ghazal that if Ruhan has tried to harass her he will get him punished. He also makes claims that he will send Ruhaan out of the house. 

Haider and Ghazal’s Marriage Twist: Rab Se Hai Dua

Later, Ghazal tries to manipulate Haider against Dua too. By telling him that it was Dua who has provoked Rihaan to do such an ill-mannered act. Haider gets furious and tells her that he will ask Dua to apologize to her for such a big mistake. But Ghaal stops him by saying that she does want any chaos in the house anymore. Haider calms her down and tells her that he is ashamed of whatever has happened to her and he owes her. Ghazal becomes happy after listening that Haider is ready to offer anything she demands. And it is the right time for her. She asks him to get married to her otherwise she has no other option left except to commit suicide. 

Furthermore, after a lot of events, Dua is also blamed by her mother-in-law Hina. Hina blames her that Dua has been trying to ruin Ghazal’s life and she must stop. On the other hand, Haider is also ignoring Dua because of the things Ghazal has told him. Meanwhile, Ghazal is dreaming of marrying Haider and becoming his wife. Then Hina makes her entry and puts a tika on her face. And asks her to come down. Ghazal gets worried and thinks that she is trying to get married to Ruhaan. But things make a huge shift in Dua’s life. Hina announces Ghazal and Haider’s marriage leaving Dua in huge shock.   

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