Katha Ankahee Serial Latest Twist: Teji Blames Katha for trapping Viaan

Katha Ankahee Sony Tv Serial
Katha Ankahee Sony Tv Serial

Sony Tv High TRP Serial Katha Ankahee was launched by casting Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan as the main leads. The Katha Ankhaee tale is based on an ancient series of tales named’ Arabian Nights which was first adopted by Turkish directors. And Later, it was also launched in English series famously known as One Thousand One Nights (1001 Nights). All the Katha Ankahee Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha serial daily.

This Sony Tv serial is based on the life journey of a single mother, Katha who is in desperate need of money for her Child’s cancer treatment. Her 5-year-old son is suffering from the last stage of cancer. Her husband is also dead. And she has no one else to support her. 

Katha Ankahee Serial Written Story:

Aditi Sharma is playing the fantastic role of Katha while, Adnan Khan is legendary playing the character of Viaan. The story takes a huge shift when Kath joins Viaan’s company. There Viaan is famous for his rude and arrogant behavior with Women especially. Because of his dark past life, he considers all women as greedy and gold-diggers. He did not know Katha’s reality but her efforts always impressed him. He knew she was different and hardworking. But in order to test her he makes an unconditional demand from her. 

As the story starts with Katha and her son Aarav. He is on his death bed and Katha needs a loan on urgent bases. Her friend advises her to ask for a loan from her company Earth Con. But the director of the company refuses to give her a big amount because she has just joined the company. Upon her friend’s request, she goes to Viaan for a loan. But he asks her to spend a night with him with the hope that she will say no to him. After hearing about his condition Katha gets angry with him but flashbacks of his son’s illness come to her mind. And she agrees with his agreement.

Viaan Apologizes Katha for his condition:

Things take a huge turn down when Viaan finds out the truth about Katha. That she was not a gold digger but a helpless mother. A mother needs money for her child’s treatment and he used her to satisfy his ego. Viaan breaks into pieces and tries to apologize to Kath but she refuses to accept his apology. Because things can not be settled down again and she can not forget Viaan used her for his own benefit. But things get smooth when the story progresses. Viaan shows his guilt and proves that he is worthy of her apology.

Aarav and Viaan Friendship:

Meanwhile, Viaan’s friend Ehsan who has started taking interest in Katha tells her about Viaan’s childhood trauma. Which melts her heart but she can not forget what he has done. Soon, Viaan proves himself a self-worthy man and Katha also realizes that what he has done was because of his past experiences. They both become friends.

On the other side, Viaan becomes friends with Aarav unknowing of the fact that he is Katha’s son. They both do not know each other. Aarav calls him Robin and Viaan calls him ‘Batman’. Both individuals do not know they belong to each other. Robin and Batman both form great chemistry and support each other in all problems. Each time they get into trouble, make a call and demand advice. Though, the chemistry between Viaan and Aarv is going very flexibly and smoothly. 

Katha Saves Viaan in Harassment Case:

In the next episodes, when Viaan and Katha decide to go on a casual dinner. Things take a shift down when Viaan’s employee blames him for harassment. She traps him by using his phone. And send herself a message from his phone, ‘Spend a night with me in exchange for money’. When Katha hears this she gets into huge confusion believing that Viaan has done this to her too and this time he can do so. And the girl is telling the truth, He might not have changed.

But As the story progresses Katha finds out the truth and Proves Viaan is innocent. Viaan shares his thankful thoughts with her and asks her to come for the pending Dinner. But Katha refuses to do so because she has listened to his Love poetry which he has written for someone. 

Viaan Confesses His Love For Katha:

In Recent Episodes, Viaan has confessed his love for Katha in front of Ehsan. He tells her that he has never felt like this before in his life and he can not go back. And he is also aware of Ehsan’s feelings for her and he does not want to hurt him too. Meanwhile, Ehsan seems to be supportive and caring toward Viaan. And it looks like he has accepted Viaan’s interest in Katha too. But there is something Fishy. Ehsan is hiding something and will show his anger toward Viaan one day too. For that moment, we must wait and let the story move forward (Chuckles).  

In the recent Episode, Viaan invited Katha and hid the whole company for the pooja ceremony at his home. The episode starts with the selection of Viaan’s clothing on which Ehsan starts laughing that he has chosen this dress for himself or for his mother. Ehsan tells him that Desi Chinese is to be added to the menu because Katha and her son like this dish too. Viaan agrees and orders Neeraj to do the same. On the other side, Katha’s father-in-law is getting insecure seeing Viaan’s closeness with Katha.

Teji Blames Katha for Trapping Her Son:

Though, Kath the first time comes to Viaan’s home and brings flowers as a gesture of thank you to her. Viaan seems so nervous but Ehsas advises him to get calm and not get in such a hurry because she is Katha and he can lose the chance anytime. He must wait for the right time to come to express his love and gratitude toward Katha. 

Meanwhile, Reet takes advantage of the situation and manipulates Viaan’s mother Tejoi about Katha. Though, she does not know that because of Katha her married life is safe. She also tells Teji that it is Katha’s nature to act like a very caring and supportive person but in reality that is her strategy to trap someone. And this will affect her son Viaan too. He will fall in love with her and go against Teji one day. Teji who is a very insecure mother starts feeling insecure about that. Teji blames Katha at her home for her acts and blames her that she is trying to trap her son.

Later, Viaan finds out the truth and comes to apologize to Katha. But she cuts him off by saying Mr. Raghuvanchi it is totally fine if she thinks like that. And she is not interested in trapping her son at all. Viaan tries to apologize to her but Katha is hurt by Teji’s thoughts. Though, Viaan requests her to call him by his real name ‘Viaan, not Mr. Raghuvaanchi. But Katha seems to stir that she will maintain the boundaries between her Boss and herself. 

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