Colors Tv Serial Naagin 6 Twist: Pratha’s Life in Danger because of Danshak

Naagin is a Hindi daily soap.There is a pandemic in the country and Shesh Naagin is trying to save the country from enemies. The lead actors in the serial are Tejaswi Prakash and Simba Nagpal. All the Naagin 6 Aaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

well, The release date of the Naagin 6 serial is February 12, 2022. And the telecast days of this serial are from Saturday to Sunday at 8:00 P.m on Colour Tv. Colors TV Naagin 6 serial is launched by the producer Ekta Kapoor.  The theme of Nagin 6 is completely different from the previous seasons. This season embodies spirituality and also believes in science. A professor in the series believes that there will be a pandemic in 2022, which is not good for the country.

Naagin 6 Serial Written Story:

As The 6 season begins when the professor discovers something unusual that will cause harm to the country and destroys it. The professor gathers the monks for a meeting and tells them that our enemies are trying to destroy us. They will spread a pandemic in our country, India. But the monks and sages refused to believe that. They said you have knowledge but we have knowledge as well as spirituality. Then Shesh Nagan is seen protecting her motherland. But, Mahek started killing other serpents one by one to get all the power. On the other hand, Paratha is a Shesh Naga. But actually, she is a simple and sweet girl. 

Naagin 6 Episodes Written update: 

The story begins when Rishabh and Rohit, brothers of the Gujral family, see a snake while driving, which causes them to have an accident. A girl named Pratha helped them. Then both boys reached home with the help of a lift. Everyone is already worried about him because today was his wedding ceremony. Mehek enters Gujral’s house as a security in-charge, and Pratha enters Gujral’s house as a helper. 

Rohit’s father, Lital Gujral, and Rishabh’s father were traitors to the country. The bride’s father, Mr. Kathari, was also a traitor to the country. Nagin’s mission is to kill them both. Little Gujral is attacked by Pratha Nagana, but he is still alive and has lost his memory. Rohit loves Pratha and refuses to marry any girl other than Pratha. 

Paratha Kills Sapera:

Paratha also kills a Sapera who wants to kill Sheshnagan and get Nagmini. She is a lovable, simple girl who is a helper in the Gujral family. She makes some mistakes, so she gets fired, but she also needs a job. Rishabh brings her back to work. Rishabh is an army officer who is always ready to sacrifice his life for the betterment of his country. Rohit Shesh Nagan wants to marry Paratha, but Rishabh has some doubts about Paratha. He learns that there is a secret about the paratha. That’s why Rishabh marries her—to know the secret about Partha. 

An artificial Naagin Shanglira has been created in the laboratory. Her shape is similar to Shalka’s. Her mission is to poison the water of the Yamuna River. Shesh Nagin fights her and tries to stop Shanglira from poisoning the water. Shesh Nagan kills Shanglira, but she completes her mission before dying. 

Margina poisons Purvika to get Naagmani:

The latest twist is that Shesh Nagan, who is the wife of a nag named Raghu, arrives at his shop and breaks things there. Actually, he is not Pratha; he is another naga on the face of Paratha. On the other hand, Margina Nagan wants to become strong to get all the poison from Purvika. But it is difficult for him to remove the poison from his body. She bites and tortures Nina on her wedding day. After some time, when she opened her eyes, Nagan claimed that she was no longer conscious and would do what Nagan ordered her to do. So he orders Neena to kidnap Purvika. Naina reaches home. After some time in the night, she wakes up, gives Purvika an anesthetic, and leaves the house. 

Pratha sees her going out, so she follows in her footsteps. In the middle of the road, she asked Nina what she was doing. There is a fight between them. Then Pratha again disguised himself as Naina and reached the place where the serpents were waiting for Naina. When she reached the location, Nagan was happy to see Neena as her mission was about to be completed. But Pratha transforms into Nina’s form and says that she is not Naina; she just wanted to know who was Raghav’s enemy. Then Sheesh Nagin fights with the other two Nagins. As a result, they transformed into their true selves. Pratha is shocked to see that Raghav’s enemy is none other than his sister.

Naagin Season 6 Colors TV Show Details: नागिन

Television Show  Naagin 6 (नागिन 6)
Main Star Cast                                                  Tejasswi Prakash
Simba Nagpal
Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Telecast Timing                                  
Colors TV
23 mins
Telecast Days                                 
Voot, Colors TV
Release Date & Timing    
Produced by
12 February 2022, 8:35 PM
Balaji Telefilms
Recurring Cast  Mahek Chahal
Urvashi Dholakia
Sudha Chandran
Manit Joura
Meenakshi S Chugh
Bakul Thakkar
Shoaib Ali
Nupur Dhariwal
Srushti Tare
Abeer Singh

Margina releases Danshak from the cave:

Marganaina and her friend Nagan want to become strong, and they have enough strength to fight Shesh Nagan. And the only way to weaken the Paratha is to free the Danshak serpent trapped in the cave. If Marignina manages to free Danshak from the cave, she will succeed in her mission. Marganaina takes the form of Pratha and reaches the cave where Danshak is imprisoned. Mriganaina helps Danshik and says that he is Shesh Naagin and needs help. He is not happy with Shesh Naag. He said to come to her house tonight and free her from Sheshnag. Murgina is about to succeed in her mission. 

At night, when Shesh Nagan Pratha was going somewhere, Danshak appeared on her way and said, “I am here to help you.” Leave Shesh Naag to be my wife and stay with me. Shesh Naag Raghav felt some pain in his body. He used to feel this pain when Shesh Nagan Pratha was in trouble. He quickly reached the place where Shesh Nagan was fighting with Danshak. When Shesh Naag came, he fought with Danshak and protected Pratha.

Then Pratha said that our enemy is the one who is near us. We have to do something against our enemy, and this is possible only when our relationship is strong. Then our power will be unlimited, and we can fight anyone. Sheeshnag starts thinking about it.

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