Colors Tv Serial Dharam Patni Twist: Ravi to Marry Pratiksha

 Colors TV Drama Dharma Patni is a famous Hindi serial. This serial is based on the life journey of a girl named Pratiksha, who loves her parents immensely. All the Dharam PatniAaj Ka Episode is presented on Undekha serial daily.

Kriti Singh Yadav, Fahman Khan, and Akasha Jagga are playing the lead roles in the serial. The serial digitally streams on Voot and on Colors TV too. Although, Dharma Patti’s release date is November 8, 2022. The serial airs every Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m.

 Dharam Patni Serial Story/Plot: VOOT

The story is about a girl named Pratiksha, she is a school teacher by profession. She loves her family more than anything. Although, she was getting married to Dhawal. But Pratiksha’s marriage was postponed due to the sudden deaths of her parents. At the time of Pratiksha’s engagement, Dhawal’s parents demanded some gold jewelry. Pratiksha’s mother says we can’t afford it, but her father agrees, saying he will manage. When Pratiksha’s parents went to buy jewelry, Some of the goons attacked Mal, while his parents died saving others. The last wish of Pratiksha’s parents is to see her in a wedding dress. 

A few days after her parents’ deaths, Dhawal’s parents come to Pratiksha’s house and request her hand in marriage. Pratiksha agrees to the marriage, but Dhawal’s family demands that Pratiksha give her property to Dhawal. Pratiksha then refuses to marry Dhawal and moves to her uncle’s house in Chandigarh. Pratiksha’s aunt Hasna tells Rishik that it is his responsibility to convince Pratiksha to marry Malhar. But Rishak did not agree to this proposal as Malhar was too young for marriage. After some discussion, Pratiksha leaves her aunt’s house too. On her way back home, she was kidnapped by some goons. Meanwhile, Kriti chases the goons and calls Ravi to help her. A fight takes place between the narrator and the goons.

 Ravi saves Pratiksha from the goons:

Ravi protects Pratiksha and Kriti. Then Pratiksha reached her aunt’s house with Malhar. On the other hand, Ravi proposed to Kriti. And Kriti accepted the proposal. One day, Kriti went to the market to buy her engagement ring, and when she saw Raghav, she wanted to run after him and catch him. Kriti chooses a ring and gives it to Prataksha to test. When she tried to take it off, she was unable to do so. Meanwhile, Pratiksha was happy because everything was going well.

Latest Episode Written Update:

Raghu calls Babe and says, “I have done your work; give me my money.” Babe said that you did not do what I said, so I will not give you money. Raghu says I have your address. I will expose you and Neeti in front of Sanju. Niti enters the room and asks Babe what happened to Pari. Is she fine? Babe says she is fine. Niti asked in surprise. She says I am calling Pari. Babe said don’t worry, Neti, the fairy is fine; nothing happened to her. Niti says I am not going to get married. I will wait for the fairy. 

Babe said you have to go to the wedding. If you don’t go to the wedding, your husband will suspect you, and when he gets a phone call about the baby’s accident, he will be clear that you did it. Babe said, “I will also go to the wedding with you.” Neeti starts praying for Pari. Suddenly Taiji enters the room, and Neeti asks Tai to come with us to the wedding. Babe says I am going with Niti. You should have come to the wedding with us.

Pratiksha gets Kidnapped:

On the other hand, Pari is with Aadi and Himanshu. Their tension is: how to take the Pari inside the house? Adi says that if anyone sees her with us, they will understand that we are responsible for her condition. Manvi called Adi. When did you come? Adi said we are at home. Manvi comes to the parking area to pick up Chunri. Some goons kidnapped Pratiksha. She was fighting with them. Manvi was shocked to see a girl on Himanshu’s lap. Adi explained all the scenarios and said that while driving, we hit the girl, but instead of taking her to the hospital, he took her home.

Manvi said to treat her after the wedding and now take her to the last room on the second floor. And don’t tell anyone about the girl. Himanshu holds Pari and leaves her in the room. Manvi takes Chunri from the car.

Ravi Marries Pratiksha:

Pami asks Monty why did you refuse to come to the wedding when I asked him to. And now you are ready for marriage, what is the problem with you? Pami said we have never met the Randhawa family and have no idea about them. Meher meets them and should have come to the wedding. Sanju said that Meher texted me that we should dance at the wedding. Niti said we won’t do that because we don’t know them. Niti was smiling, and Sanju asked why she was smiling. She said that I used to dance at weddings in my childhood. Sanju said that today we would also dance.

When they reached the wedding, instead of the Meher, Sanju said, “We have come to attend the wedding.” Then the bride and groom entered the hall. Niti meets the bride and tells Ravi that you are lucky to have a beautiful wife. Sanju says we have a surprise for you. Then they start the dance performance. Niti and Nupur dance with each other; later, Sanju joins them. The last dance was done by Ravi, Monty, and Sanju. Everyone enjoyed the dance. Adi takes the doctor for Pari’s checkup.  

 Dharam Patnii Serial Details:

Television Show Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patni (Dharam Patnii)
Main Star Cast Kritika Singh YadavFahmaan Khan
Country India
Language Hindi
Network Colors TV
Channel Voot
Release Date & Timing                       28 November 2022, 8:30 Pm
Recurring Cast Produced by Akash Jagga, Gurpreet Bedi Shobha Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor

Dharam Patni Latest Twist: Colors TV

The doctor said there was no problem; she will be fine and the injuries are normal. Pratiksha was in the same room as Pari.

She was screaming for help. When Pari wakes up, she helps Pratiksha and asks, “What are you doing here?” Pratiksha asked the same question. What are you doing here? And how do you get injured? Pratiksha said Ravi refused to marry me. He thinks I have killed Kriti. “You have to take a stand for yourself,” Pari said. I will help you in this matter. Pratiksha said that I would fight for my rights.

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