Bhagya Lakshmi Zee Tv Serial : Upcoming Written Update & New Cast Details

Bhagya Lakshmi Story: Zee TV

Bhagya Lakshmi is a Family drama serial that premiered on Zee TV on 3 August 2021. The Bhagya Lakshmi serial casts Aishwarya Kahri and Rohit Suchanti as the main leads. Also, it is directed by Muzamil Desai under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. Well, All the Bhagya Lakshmi Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha Serial too. As BhagyaLakshmi play is about a loving girl who gets married to a millionaire. A man who only believes in logic and has strong disbelief towards fate role. in order to save his lover’s life. He decides to marry Lakshmi only when his family pressurizes him. before marrying him. Lakshmi loses her parents in an accident, and their marriage event postpones. This serial is full of drama and twists.

Lakshmi Saves Rishi from Fire: BL

Aishwarya Kahri is playing the role of Lakshmi, who is a very devoted, and caring girl who lives in town with her parents. Lakshmi’s life journey takes completely flipped up. When her parents die in an accident on the day of her marriage. She moves to Mumbai at her uncle’s home along with her two younger sisters. And there, she starts working in Rishi’s office. Her fate plays a vital role and she becomes the savior of Rishi’s life. In a fire blast at the office, Rishi gets stuck in his cabin. But Lakshmi joints her strength and saves him by risking her life. At so many points they cross each other paths.  

Moreover, Rohit Suchanti is playing the role of Rishi Oberoi. He is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of Oberoi Radiant company. Rishi’s mother ‘Neelam’ is a great believer in Fate and believes in horoscope signs and languages. One of her fortune tellers, informs her about a defect in her son’s destiny. So, in order to solve the problem, she decides to marry him to a woman ‘who has the same matching star as her son Rishi.

Bhagya Lakshmi: Rishi Saves Lakshmi from Balwinder

Meanwhile, Rishi has a girlfriend and he is madly in love with her because of his ill fate. He can not marry her because their horoscopic signs do not match at all.

  On the other hand, Lakshmi’s grandmother is a very cunning woman. She wants to marry Lakshmi to her stupid cousin Balwinder. Balwinder is an ill-literate and ill-mannered man. And, he has so many times tried to sexually harass Lakshmi. Balwinder wants to get the money that her father had left in her name. However, Rishi saves Lakshmi when Balwinder tries to harm her again with his evil intentions.  

Neelam asks for Lakshmi’s hand for Rishi: 

Moreover, Rishi’s mother Neelam meets Lakshmi at first sight. She chooses her for Rishi and gives her Shagun. But Virendra plays his role as an intelligent father figure, who asks Lakshmi about her choice. Either, she wants to marry his son or not. She agrees to the proposal and goes on a date with Rishi where Balwinder tries to kill him but he is saved by her.

Rishi and Lakshmi Tie the Wedding Knot: Disney+ Hotstar

Though Rishi was faking his love, and generosity for Lakshmi. She takes it as a positive response. And tells her friend, Neha, that Rishi is not as they had thoughts about him. He is a nice and humble personality. On the next day of their meeting, Rishi’s father makes a public announcement about their lovely son’s marriage. But, the news does not bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Especially Balwinder, Rano, and Neha.

As Balwinder tries all his plans to stop this marriage. Also, he does not think about Lakshmi’s reputation. He presents Fake Intimate photos of Lakshmi and himself to prove that she is characterless. But, Rishi proves him wrong at the party and they get happily married in front of the whole family. 

Bhagya Lakshmi Twist: Lakshmi Finds out about Rishi’s Extra-marital affair

Moreover, the main plot of the story develops when Lakshmi finds out about Rishi’s extramarital affair and his reason for marrying her. He was not in love with her nor he ever considered her as his life partner. This reality breaks her heart, but she strongly stands with her husband. She takes care of him and protects him from every evil. While being aware of his ongoing relationship with his lover Malishka. But, as time passes, Unknowingly he falls in love with her.

Finally, Rishi realizes his love for Lakshmi, when they both separate ways. He starts missing her and realizes that he never loved deeply Malishka like he is in love with Lakshmi. Upon knowing the reality, Malishka gets angry and decides to take her revenge. She starts to make Rishi believe that he has never been in love with her. And whatever, he is feeling for her is only remorse. Because he is feeling bad for using and lying to her.  

Lakshmi Takes Divorce From Rishi: Upcoming Episode

As Malishka does not stop creating a mess in their lives. When Ahana asks Lakshmi to prepare a continental meal for her guests. And she can not do any mistakes. Because these guests are really special to her. Malishka takes this as an opportunity to damage the reputation of Lakshmi in front of everyone. So, she mixes weird ingredients in the meal and ruins all her efforts. But it was Lakshmi who does not think of giving up. She takes time to make for them Indian Cuisine and wins their hearts.

Lakshmi changes Ahana’s pregnancy Reports:

Further in the serial, Lakshmi also helps Ahana in the hospital. When she finds out that Ahana is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. And, he has cheated on her and left her to suffer alone. Lakshmi takes all the responsibility to save her reputation. But, everyone misunderstands that Lakshmi is pregnant. Though, everyone in the family even Rishi blames her for having an extra-marital affair. And she has been fooling him since day one.

Finally, Malishka succeeds in her plans of getting Rishi back in her life. But this time, Ahana takes up her stand and tells Rishi the whole truth. Ahana tells Rishi, that Lakshmi has not cheated on him. Though, she has sacrificed herself to save my reputation. Rishi feels guilty about his acts and for not believing his wife. But this time, Lakshmi gets too hurt and she decides to separate her ways. Lakshmi is also aware of Malishka’s evil acts so Kiran, informs Malishka to stop all that because she can be caught any day for her lies. 

Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee tv show Sab Details:

Television Show  Bhagya Lakshmi
Main Star Cast  Aishwarya Khare 

 Rohit Suchanti. 

Country  India 
Language  Hindi 
Network  Zee Tv
Channel  Zee television 
Release Date  3 Aug. 2021- present
Episodes 401
No. of seasons 1

Bhagya Lakshmi Main Cast/ Real Name, Age, Role Played & Photo: 

Aishwarya Khare

Rohit Suchanti

Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Episode Written Update:

Finally, in the Bhagya Lakshmi drama serial, ‘Lakshmi has decided to take a divorce. And Rishi’s lawyer Neelam informs him about the hearing date and promises Malishka to finalize his separation from Lakshmi. but Meanwhile, before they get divorced all of Malishka’s plans open up for Rishi and he rebukes and yells at her by telling her that he hates her and she is not his friend anymore.   

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