Sherdil Shergill: An Unusual Story of a Tenacious Lionheart Shergill Woman

Sherdil Shergill Drama Story:

Sherdil Shergill is a Romantic comedy generic Hindi language drama serial that premiered on Colors TV on 26th September 2022. it is also digitally available on the Voot app too. This television soap casts Dheeraj Dhoopar and Surbhi Chandna as the main leads. All the Sherdil Shergill Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha serial daily. These two actors are considered among India’s best Tv Screen actors. As their performances have made their previous shows one of the best series in the Indian entertainment industry. Colors TV Serial Sherdilshergill is directed by Saurabh Tewari under the banner of Parin Multimedia productions.

In this drama serial, Dheeraj is playing the male lead role of ‘Raj Yadav’. And Surbni is performing her main female protagonist character as ‘Manmeet’. DheerajDhoopar started his career as a model and later as an actor. And within years he has won immense popularity. He won many Gold Awards and prizes. Especially, he received Indian Television Academy Award in the Best Actor Male category, for his performance in Kundali Bhagya and Sasural Simar Ka. He was best known for his role as ‘Pre, Bharadwaj’ in Sasural Simar ka, and Karan Luthra in Kundali Bhagya.   

Manmeet and Rajkumar Meeting: Voot

Sherdil Shergil serial story centers around ‘Manmeet Shergill and Raj Yadav’. Manmeet is a very strong and independent entrepreneur. She hates the male dominant society and is against its set of patriarchal norms. While, Raj is a very bold, young comedian for whom life is like fun. Though both have different personality traits they end up falling in love with each other unconditionally. 

Manmeet is a famous architect and she runs her own business. She is a very strong and bold woman. Despite enduring a lot of criticism and clashes from her family and society she still keeps her guard high. Not only that, she is a single parent. Anmol Shergill is the only source of happiness in her life. in the first episode of the serial, Maneet is shown performing her responsibilities carefully toward her son. She drops him off at school and goes to work. She does not bother when people try to give her free suggestions like ‘you should get married’… you can not raise a child alone etc. But things affect her when her own son gets hurt by the questions of society.  

Raj Hides his Secret From Manmeet:

 In the past, Manmeet had not only faced rejection but hatred from her family too. But she never gave up on her son or on her dreams. She kept fighting for becoming a successful architect and make her place in the male-dominated industry of work. Her son was born with the procedure of IVF and her father also abandoned her and her son in anger. Despite her clashes with her father, she goes to home at her sister ‘Gunjan’s wedding ceremony. But her father keeps his stubbornness along with him and demands her to not bring her son along.      

Raj and Manmeet Love Story: Colors TV

On the other hand, Rajkumar Yadav is a hardworking man but his ways of doing his tasks are totally different from Manmeet’s. he resolves all of the situations with his fun style. But when he joins Manmeet’s company things get messed up. He starts working in her office but he used to do everything opposite to the instructions. His secret of being a great comedian is later revealed on Manmeet. After knowing his hidden talent, she requests him to fake being his husband at her sister’s wedding. in order to avoid familial and social disturbance at the wedding they both unite in her plan. Well, Manmeet does not know that Raj has a girlfriend named ‘Nikki’. 

Manmeet Finds out about Raj’s Secret Affair with Niki:

However, as we have seen Manmeet had conflicts with her dad for several years. All the misunderstandings gets resolved and they both reunite through the efforts of Raj. When everything at the ceremony was going well. Raj’s parents made their entry at the event and the situation gets worse for both Raj and Manmeet to handle. Well, Bhairav and Nirali Yadav are Raj’s parents. they get angry with Raj but Manmeet handles the situation and tells them it is all a drama. And Raj is only here to help her. 

At the wedding, Gunjan’s mother-in-law demands Manmeet and Raj to get married. Puneet there tries to handle the situation but he prefers to stay silent. Gunajan’s mother-in-law calls Gunjan and asks her to get her sister to agree to her proposal. Manmeet decides to end this whole drama. and asks Raj to instantly leave for Mumbai after the Pheera Poja. But before they leave, Raj receives a life-threatening call from his girlfriend Nikki.

Raj Ties the Knot with Manmeet:

As Raj is also worried about her. he asks for Manmet’s help. and she pretends in front of her as his wife. they both confess their love for each other in front of Nikki. but, it seems like troubles are always waiting to come their way. Nikki reaches at Manmeet’s home in Shimla. And in front of the whole family, she reveals that Raj and Manmeet are lying.  

Further, the Shergill family starts inquiring about their daughter’s relationship with Raj and they end up deciding to get married again. their wedding date has been fixed. at the wedding of Manmeet, Ajeet gets upset, Because he was one-sidedly in love with her. and says that he has never thought that he will see Manmeet getting married to someone else. Ajeet blesses her with his best wishes. Raj also expresses his gratitude towards shergil family. Though Manmeet and Raj had started their relationship with a plan. but they end up falling in love with each other. at their wedding, Raj sings a Malang song for Manmeet. And she also dances at her wedding. 

Sherdil Shergill Cast, Name, And Photo:

Surbhi chandna






Dheeraj Dhoopar





Bhoomika Mirchandani






Iqbal Azad






Masshe Uddin Qureshi


Sherdil Shergill Colors TV Details:

Television Show  Sherdil Shergill
Main Star Cast                                              Surbhi Chandna
Dheeraj Dhoopar
Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         Colors Tv
Channel                                          Voot
Release Date & Timing     26 September 2022, 6:15 Pm
Supporting Cast                           Kiran Deep Sharma
Masshe Uddin Qureshi
Iqbal Azad
Anindita Chatterjee
Nitin Bhatia
Nitin Bhatiaom

Sherdil Shergill TRP Rating and BARC Charts: Colors TV

Sherdil Shergil is a great family show full of comedy, and Romance. All the episodes and storylines are going very smoothly and relate to every age group. When its first promo was launched it had earned a lot of popularity but after the release of the show. The audience appreciated the chemistry between Manmeet and Raj a lot and has made it one of the best Hindi Tv shows.

As far as the Trp Rating is concerned, the show from the beginning has crossed the boundary lines to reach a maximum height of BARC Ratings. Not only that, this series is full of intense drama, Twists, and gossip. 

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