Radha Mohan Upcoming Story: Radha Marries Mohan

Radha Mohan is a Zee TV Serial

Radha Mohan is a Hindi language romantic drama serial produced by Prateek Shah. Pyar Ka Pehla Naam is telecasted on ZEE TV under the banner of LSD Private Limited Studios on 2 May 2022. Same as other Hindi serials, this drama serial is also a remake of the Tamil shows Yaaradi Nee Mohini. And all the Radha Mohan Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha serial too daily. PKPN casts Shabir Ahluwalia and Niharika Roy as the main leads.  Ahis family television soap is about real love, loyalty, and devotion towards family and love life.  

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan drama Story:

The character of Mohan is played by Zee TVs’ longest-running drama Kumkum Bhagya lead actor ‘Shabir Ahluwalia. And Niharika Roy will be seen playing her role as Radha in Radha Mohan Serial. This story is all about love, Passion, and Radha’s support towards Mohan and his passions.

Radha has been friends with Mohan since she was six years old. And from her childhood days, she has been deeply in Love with Mohan. All of her adult years she has been devoted to him only. Mohan is the center of attraction in Radha’s life. he plays Flute very well, which is a clear depiction of their Lord ‘Krishna’ and Mohan’s love for his god.

Radha Mohan Episodes Written Update:

In the first episodes of the serial Radha is shown suffering and remorse for her mother’s death. Though, both have been staying apart and living their lives. But fate brings them together because those who are destined can not be avoided. When they meet, Radha starts crying out of joy. And Mohan also feels happy upon seeing her. But his happiness was not like what Radha had wished.

Since Mohan lost her wife Tulsi and had a daughter named Gungun. But his life has fallen apart because of the blames that society has labeled him with. He was blamed for killing his wife which was not true. Not only that his daughter also hates him for the same reason. This tragic story had taken a new start when Radha decides to support Mohan through thick and thin.  

Radha and Mohan Love Story: Radha Mohan

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam drama serial story only revolves around Radha. A young girl whose life is only surrounded by the happy moments of his childhood friend Mohan. Which also helped her in getting over the pain of her mother’s loss. But her friend has lost his spark and is drowning in his own traumas. And returns back to his village home after several years. As he has moved on in his life, had a child, and a wife who is dead now. He has forgotten Radha and his childhood memories with her. 

Additionally, after meeting with Mohan’ Radh starts feeling that she has lost her friend a long time ago. And in his life, she has no importance. But that does not upset her, and she again starts finding comfort in his presence. He reads their holy book named ‘Bhagavad Geeta and after listing to the story. She starts getting attracted to, Mohan.

Well, Mohan is frustrated because of the troubles in his life. And gets angry at everyone easily. Though, Frustrated Mohan does not notice Radha’s love and devotion towards him. But he gets engaged to another woman. 

Damini and Kadambari try to Trap Tulsi’s Soul: ZEE 5

Moreover, Radha had deep love and respect for Mohan which his family misunderstood. He is like a role model and inspiration for her. Well, this drama serial is full of Romance, Love, and Supernatural imagery. His first wife’s soul is shown roaming around in the house. Tulsi’s soul is there, protecting her daughter each time from every trouble.

Meanwhile Mohan’s stepmother, Kadambari decides to marry him to her niece Damini. Damini is an evil soul. And she is only marrying him for his money. So for the happiness of his mother, Mohan agrees on marrying her. But as Radha gets to know about her evil intentions she tries to save him. More than that, she also plays a smart role to save Gungun’s life. While she was staying as a guest at his home. 

Gungun starts liking Radha and only listens to her. And after noticing his child’s closeness with Radha, Mohan also gets impressed. After seeing Radha and Mohan’s closeness, Damini could not bear it.

And after knowing the reality of Tulsi’s soul. Damini and Kadambari try to trap her with the help of Guruma but all of their efforts go in vain. As they could not control her soul. Damini puts a blame on Radha for stealing her things.. But Rdaha is saved by Mohan and starts staying in his house free of guilt. Gungun and Radha are close friends and soon, Mohan also joins their team. 

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan drama on Zee Tv Sab Details

Show Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan
Recurring Cast Keerti Nagpure, Reeza Choudhary, Swati Shah,
Sambhabana Mohanty, Manisha Purohit, Rajendra Lodhia,
Pooja Kawa, Sumeet Arora, Ranveer Singh Malik,
Brijkishore Tiwari, Kajal Khanchandani, Sunny Sachdev.
Country India 
Language Hindi 
Network Zee Tv.
Release Date  2 May 2022
Episodes 219

Radha Mohan’ upcoming episode Written Update:

Further, in the Upcoming Episodes of Radha Mohan, Kaveri warns Damini. That Radha and Mohan’s closeness will have a huge cost she has to pay. And before Mohan decides to marry Radha. She must take strong action. Damini tries to trap Radha by telling her that she is madly in love with Mohan. And she can not live without him. Damini starts apologizing to Radha for her misdeeds with her.

Well, Damini succeeds in his plans. Radha and Mohan had a great misunderstanding. And out of anger, Mohan says to Radha that she is an unfortunate woman in his life. Also, she is the reason that his life is messing up again. Along with that, he also expresses his regret by bringing her to his home. And misleading her with his kind deeds. He has never been nor he is, in love with her. Upon knowing all that, Radha tells him that, ‘it is not his fault. And she has been in love with him since childhood. 

After a lot of scenes, Mohan realizes his mistakes. And asks for her forgiveness. He tells her that, he is not worthy of her love. And all of their conversations are witnessed by Damini and Kaveri. Out of rage, Damini tries to use their child against them.

Meanwhile, Radha and Mohan form a love bond. But after hearing Mohan’s thoughts she tells him, that she will not be an obstacle in his future life. And he can happily marry Damini but she will always be against Daimini. Because she knows what kind of a woman she is. 

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