Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Pushpa Breaks her silence, and Stands for her rights

Pushpa Impossible Story: Sony SAB

An Indian television drama serial titled “Pushpa Impossible” is made by Jamnadas Majethia under the banner of Hats Off Productions. Karuna Pandey Vaidya plays the lead character in the drama, which debuted on Sony SAB. And is currently available to view online on SonyLIV on June 6, 2022. All the Pushpa Impossible Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha Serial daily.

The storyline of Pushpa Impossible centers on an Indian woman named Pushpa who runs her home regularly. Pushpa is a cruel mother who disciplined her kids in entertaining ways. Her son and daughter are constantly cautious around their mother because nothing can be kept a secret from Pushpa for very long. 

The main reason for depicting Pushpa in such a brutal and audacious manner is to emphasize that moms are the most perceptive and intelligent people. Pushpa makes fun of her kids for everything they do throughout the day and leaves them wondering what the beauty of a mother is. Pushpa Impossible is not your typical family drama. Instead, it is about a smart woman who knows how to raise her modern kids. Lower middle-class Pushpa Patel, played by Karuna Pandey, owns and manages a tiffin service while doing everything in her capacity to provide for her children.

Pushpa makes Efforts to run her family:

Pushpa, who is renowned for her cooking expertise, consistently fills her customers’ empty tummies and perseveres through every hardship with a smile. In addition to her cooking expertise, the middle-aged Gujarati woman is renowned for her one-liners and a sharp good sense of humor.

   The story starts with Pushpa Randeriya Patel, a 45-year-old Patan native, who resides in the Bapodra Chawl of Mumbai. Well, having three children, Ashwin, a worker; Chirag, a college student; and Rashi, a tenth-grader at Nirmala Nanavati School.  Pushpa and her little, loving family are introduced in the first episode. They are all battling with various life concerns, and Pushpa is their steadfast source of support.

Pushpa breaking Societal norms: SonyLiv

She supports maintaining happiness throughout all stages of life and approaching each day with humor and self-assurance. Moreover, Pushpa has experienced countless ups and downs in life and feels that it is better to face challenges head-on with courage, a grin, and a touch of humor than to cry and give up.

 Pushpa, a ninth-grade dropout, chooses to go back to school because her kids constantly make fun of her for being uneducated. With the help of her mentor Radha Tai, and Dipti’s backing. With the assistance of Nirmala Nanavati School trustee Ashutosh Nanavati, and three other instructors. Vikram Saran’s veto vote, she can enroll in the school as Rashi’s classmate.

However, The owner of the chawl, Narhari Bapodra, causes issues when he gives her notice to leave her home because he discovered that Chirag often steals his shirt from Munna’s store.

Narhari Challenges Pushpa: Damini Mehra Helps

 Meanwhile, Rashi becomes entrapped by her schoolmate Aaryan, leading the Patels to suspect that Rashi is concealing something from them although Aaryan frequently puts on odd tasks and this time did the same thing over Rashi. In the High Court, Pushpa challenges Narhari but is unsuccessful. Advocate Damini Mehra, the most renowned attorney in Mumbai, steps in to save her, though. Narhari and his attorney are found responsible for numerous counts of fraud during the hearing and are taken into custody.

But, Pushpa bails Narhari out with a warning to never trouble any other landlord staying in his Chawls to protect Sushila and Prarthana from public shame for his misdeeds.

When Deepti and Ashwin were suspended from their jobs after Pramod Bharadwaj suspected them of giving a government official payment, they later revealed Pramod, who was then suspended, and Ashwin and Deepti were promoted. When his son was later suspended from school and fired from his employment, Pramod Bharadwaj vowed to exact retribution. He published an article calling Pushpa’s entrance at this young age a crime.

Their parents then demanded her rustication. But, after that Pushpa saved three kids who had suffered from food poisoning after eating lunch at the school canteen, and the parents recognized their mistake.

Pushpa Impossible Twist: Pushpa Takes Admission to School

 Pushpa works hard all day and all night to find success but is useless as she fails in 3 out of 7 disciplines and is instructed to leave the school, much to the surprise and disappointment of Mr. Nanavati and Saran Sir. The school directors give Pushpa one last chance to permanently fix her place at the school. if she passes her Quarterly Unit Test.

Moreover, Pushpa takes a sorrowful farewell, acknowledging her failure, but insisting that she is not yet defeated and that this isn’t the end of her life. She aspires to come back. Then a miracle takes place when Mr. Nanavati receives a call from Canada in support of his idea to enroll Pushpa Ji in school at this young age. They want to offer the school a gift of $25,000 and want Mr. Nanavati and Mrs. Patel to travel to Canada to accept the grant. Dilip, who was previously thought to be deceased, later reappears as the billionaire Dharam Raidhan, who is also the father of Ashwin’s superior Manasi Ramadhan.

Pushpa Impossible Drama serial cast, Roles, Real names, Real Age with Photos

Karuna Pandey Vaidya

Role as Pushpa Randeriya Patel, Age 42 years

Naveen Pandita

Role as Ashwin Patel, Age 32 years

Deshna Dugad 

Role as Rashi Patel, Age 14 years

Darshan Gurjar 

Role as Chirag Patel, Age 21 years

  Garima Parihar 

Role as Deepti “Deepu” Parikh Patel

Pushpa Impossible on Sony SAB Details:

Television Show Pushpa Impossible
Recurring Cast Sarita Joshi, Bhakti Rathod, Sachin Parikh, Ketki Dave
Jagat Rawat, Adish Vaidya, Jayesh Barbhaya, Tulika Patel
Indraxi Kanjilal, Saud Mansuri, Amish Tanna, Mansi Jain
Vikram Mehta, Sanat Vyas, Chinmay Shivalkar, Dhruvansh Parmar
Divyam Dubey, Vrinda Duvani, Neelam Singh, Jayesh More
Kalpesh Chauhan, Hemang K Palan, Aditi Bhagat
Country India 
Language Hindi 
Network Sony SAB
Release Date  06  June 2022
Episodes 178

Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Episodes updates:

 The audience enjoys the song and the performance of Pushpa Impossible quite a lot. Chirag sets out to learn the truth about Bapodra’s travel to Surat, according to the most recent storyline. Every gap has his nameplate, which he discovers when he knocks on the door and encounters Bharti.

He explains to her that he is from the election committee and needs the names and ages of everyone residing in this home to get information from her. Bharati introduces herself and her son Sunny before Chirag inquires as to if Bapodra resides in this area. Bharati is hesitant to answer.

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