Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Upcoming Story: Dev marries Vidhi forcefully


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Drama Story: Star Bharat

Na Umar Ki Seema ho is an Indian language family serial that broadcasted on Star Bharat by Click Media Productions. this drama serial casts Muhammad Iqbal Khan and Rachana Mistry as the main cast and you can watch Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Aaj Ka Episode at Undekha serial daily.

This NUKSH serial is also digitally streamed on Disney+Hotstar. And the story revolves around a middle-aged businessman and an employee young girl. Iqbal Khan is plays the role of Devvrat Raichand. And Rachana is plays the female lead role of Vidhi Sharma. A strong girl who boldly accepts her love for her boss and breaks all the taboos of society.

As, NUKSH follows the journey of a 20-year-old girl, who is an innocent, and shy but strong individual. And she falls in love with Dev. As they have huge age differences. They have to face a lot of social and political stigmas in order to get married.

And, Vidhi belongs to a very middle-class family, and she lives with her aunt. She always discourages and humiliates her for her personality traits. And keeps on telling her that she is an embarrassment to all of her family members. She along with her aunt starts working at Royal Palace which is owned by Devv. Dev’s elder sister is a married woman. And after seeing her event arrangements everyone is praising and talking about their wealth.

Also, Dev is the younger son of his family and he is totally committed to his family and friends. Dev has sacrificed his life for providing him life luxurious life.

Vidhi and Devv Love Story: NUKSH

As time passes, Vidhi starts working as an assistant at Dev’s office. But because of interfering and crossing her paths with Dev’s Privacy. He throws her out of her office and fires her. But with time, he realizes her innocence. And brings her back to his office. Meanwhile, at the Jakarta event, Vidhi invites him to her event. And she tells her mother that her boss will not come. But she gets surprised when she sees him at the function and along with that, he also apologizes to her for his misbehaviors.

Further, in the NUKSH serial, Dev and Vidhi fall in love with each other but the biggest obstacle was the age difference, which was not easy to overcome. their families were not ready for their relationship, how will the society be ‘Impossible’.

Well, to find that out Hariprasad asks his daughter whether the news is reality or fake news. In front of Milapni and she puts everyone in shock by confronting her love for him.

Upon knowing the reality, her father gets a heart attack and is hospitalized in an emergency. After seeing her father in critical condition. She promises her father that she will leave her job. Before that, everyone taunts and makes fun of her. Hariparsad also breaks his relationship with her even. Though all of his hospital expenses were handled by Dev.

Well, her father does not want to speak with her but she decides to leave the job and tells the dev not to interfere in her matter because she wants everything to be solved in her own way.

Vidhi and Devv Relationship:

Now, in the ‘Na Umar Ki Seema ho serial, Vidhi’s father has broken his relationship with her for having an affair with an aged man. And to make her father happy she has left her job. Because she can not make her father and family upset for her own happiness. Along with that, she still confesses her love for Dev. And tells him that she will not be able to forget him ever.

This drama serial is a clear portrayal of intense love. And it has tried to break the constructed norms of a so-called fake society. However, it is quite normal to fall in love with an elder man or with a woman. But if a girl can be married with the will of her parents to an old man. Then why can not one can be in love? They are not spreading a negative image to the people. Their relationship is pure, and based on sincerity and loyalty. Vidhi and Dev are different people, they do belong to different social classes. But the one thing that is common between them is ‘LOVE’.

‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ Star Bharat Tv Show Details:

Television Show  Na Umra Ki Seema Ho
Recurring Cast  Sneha Wagh, Deepshikha Nagpal, Rishina Kandhari
Deepak Dutta, Hemaakshi Ujjain, Aarohi Patel
Ramshankar Singh, Rakesh Paul, Samidha Guru
Swati Tarar, Vijay Kalvani, Jinal Jain, Surendra Pal
Daisy Shah Hundal, Heena Rajput, Madhubala Atri
Rahul Vatsa, Somendra Solanki.
Country  India 
Language  Hindi 
Network  Star Bharat
Release Date  26 July 2022
Episodes 123

Upcoming Twist: Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Tired of society, vidi decides to leave her job. But she tells Dev that she has two goals in her life, one is to be independent. And the second is to marry him through thick and thin. But as she has to console her family. It will be better for her right now to resign.

As the situation is very troubling but she is still so certain to marry Dev. As he is the only man she will get married to and accepts her husband. she also confesses in front of dev that she needs him. And his moral support to fight with society for her love. Further, Vidhi says, she will keep on fighting for him until her wait is over.

Dev Confesses his love for Vidhi: 

Moreover, Kanika is a close friend of Dev and works in his office. She is also questioned by the media about the relationship, between Dev and Vidhi. There Vidhi and Kanika realize that most of the female employees in the palace are affected by this situation. But Vidhi can not be blamed for that too. It is a matter of heart and no one has a hold of that.

Further, Yogesh also plays his games and manipulates Kanika about Vidhi. As Vidhi belongs to a middle-class family and has no luxurious lifestyle Kanika starts hating her. Along with that, she also decides that she will not become the daughter-in-law of her family. She decides to get married to Arjun and labels her as a ‘golddigger’. In front of the whole family, she humiliates Vidhi by saying that she is only doing this for money. Because poor and cheap people like Vidhi, can do anything for getting a standard life.

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