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Teri Meri Doriyan Story: Star Plus

Teri Meri Doriyan is one of the Hindi-Indian language serials that is broadcast on Star Network. TMD is a Hindi remake of a Bengali Serial named ‘Gatchora’. All the Teri Meri Doriyaan Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha Serial too. Well, This Bengali remake serial is presented on ‘Star Plus’. The Show ‘Teri Meri Dooriyan’  is produced under the banner of Cockcrow and Shaikha productions. Along with this new project, Cockcrow has launched many more famous projects like Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein. 

This serial casts three Male leads, Vijendra Kumeria, and Himashi Parashar. And, Roopam Sharma, Tushar Dambhla are playing the female lead roles in the serial.

If we talk about Vijendra Kumeria and her best works. She has been lastly seen in Mose Chhal Kiya Jaaye. Well, MCKJ, is presented on Sony Tv and had high TRP ratings too. She has played her role in ‘Mose Chal Kiye Jaye as the female protagonist ‘Himanshi Parashar. Though, in the Indian Entertainment industry ‘Himanshi Parashar is a very well-known name. Moreover, She is widely known for her character in the world of the Punjabi television industry. 

TMD’ Telecast Timings and Release Date:

Moreover, Maawan Thandiyan Chawan’ is presented on the Zee Punjabi channel and Himanshi was a huge part of that serial. 

The Story of the show ‘Teri Meri Doriyan’ will centers around Six lead characters. And it will keep on revolving around their lives. There is ambiguity about this show’s Success. As there are doubts that it might lose its power as a ‘Punjabi’ language and background. 

Before the release of the serial, it was supposed to be telecasted at 6.30 PM Slot. But Later, it was decided that the Rajjo serial will be aired at 6.30 PM, not at 7 PM. Well, Teri Meri Duriyan aired after the end of Star plus famous serial ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’. 

Teri Meri Dooriyaan Star Plus Details: 

Here is the detailed description of this Colors TV serial, TMD’. And you can also check all of its Written Updates,  Twists, Future Updates, and TRP Ratings only on DesiTV. 

Television Show  Teri Meri Doriyaan
Main Star Cast                                              Himanshi Parashar

Vijayendra Kumeria

Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         StarPlus
Channel                                          Disney+Hotstar
Release Date & Timing     5 January 2023, 7:00 PM
Running Time
Recurring Cast
22 minutes
Khushank Arora
Jatin Arora
Prachi Hada
Anita Kulkarni
Roopam Sharma

Himanshi Parashar





Vijayendra Kumeria

Teri Meri Dooriyan: Sahiba and Angad Love Story

The Story of TMD is a remake of the Bengali show ‘Gatchora’. If we Notice most of the Hindi serials ‘Especially ‘Star Plus shows are based on Bengali or Tamil series. Well, the plot of the show is predicted to b similar. The female leads are playing their character as the 3 sisters. And, they are destined to be with 3 Brar brothers. 

These 3 sisters, Roopam Sharma, Himanshi Parashar, and Prachi Hada are playing their respective roles as ‘Seerat, Sahiba, and Keerat. In all of them, Sahiba is the independent one. In this show, Seerat is the younger sister and her mothers love her a lot. But, her character is full of selfishness and self-consciousness. Well, Seerat can not be blamed for being like that. Her mother ‘Sanotsh is the one who has raised her with such mindsets. Her elder sister ‘Sahiba’ is a very beautiful, loving, and caring girl. She loves her family more than anything. Many times we can see in the episodes, Sahiba sacrifices her own happiness for her mother’s and family’s needs. 

Sahiba’s Hatred Towards Angad: Disney+ Hotstar

Sahiba is a great artist and she sells her work to support her father financially. Well, if we talk about ‘Keerat. Keerat is also a very loving and caring girl, but she has a habit of Fighting’. She easily gets angry at people. And most of the time, she ends up fighting with them. Well, Keerat’s character is unique. Because, whatever the situations are, She never stops from speaking about what is right. Being real is everything, and that is the specialty of Keerat’s character. 

Meanwhile, These 3 brothers belong to a very rich ‘Brar Family’. Vijendra Kumar is playing his role as ‘Angad. While Tushar Dhembla is ‘Gary, and Jatin Arora is performing his role as ‘Veer. The background of story is all set in ‘Ludhiana city. 

Angad Falls In Love With Keerat: TMD

As Angad is the younger son of the Brar family and he has two brothers Gary and Veer. Well, Gary is his Aunt’s son. And Veer is his Taia’s Son. in all the family, Angad and Gary are the bold ones. Angad has a very strong personality. But, finding perfection in everything is a failure.

Well, Gary is a very selfish and cunning boy. He always looks up for his own benefit like his mother. As he does not care about the Brar family’s reputation and fame. But Veer is different from both. He has very soft and kind personality traits. Veer deals with people as normal human beings, and he is status conscious. Moreover, Veer is a great singer and a loving one.   

Tere Meri Dooriyan Episode Written Update: 

Moreover,  Sahiba’s mother ‘Santosh’ and her father ‘Ajeet’ are playing a vital role in the show. Ajeet runs his own ‘Chawal Cholay and Rajma Rice’ stall. But, Before that, Ajeet was working with Jewelrs. But he had to quit his job because of the fake case. Well, he was freed guilt-free. But lost his image in the eyes of the people. Seerat is very fashion nova and Santosh has dreams of marrying her into a rich family. She shows Angad’s profile and prepares her mind to make him fall into her Love trap. Which actually happens in the 3rd Episode of the serial. Angad is in love with Seerat and wants to marry her. 

Sahiba and Angad Fight: Veer interrupts

However, Sahiba is a hardworking, and passionate working girl. She does not have any wish to marry a rich man. Rather, she hates the rich class people’s fake standards. She sells her clay pots and her jewelry designs to run her house. She meets with Angad accidentally.

In the first episode of the serial, the Brar family is performing at an event and his Dar Ji (grandfather) does not like the decoration. Angad’s grandfather wanted a classical Multani ‘Seesha work Decoration for his wife.in order to find out the classical artist, Angad and Veer reaches Sahiba’s shop. But, Sahiba refuses to help ‘Angad. At the request of Veer, she agrees upon doing their event project. Well, the fight and anger towards each other do not get slower. Whenever Angad and Seerat cross paths, they burst into anger. And, they both end up fighting and humiliating each other.    

Teri Meri Doriyaann Star Cast, Real Names with their Roles Details:

Actor Name Roles Played
Vijayendra Kumeria Angad Singh Brar
Himanshi Parashar Sahiba Kaur Monga
Tushar Dhembla Garry Baweja
Prachi Hadaa Keerat Kaur Monga
Roopam Sharma Seerat Kaur Monga
Jatin Arora Veer Singh Brar
Amardeep Jha Japjyot Kaur Brar
Lubna Salim Santosh Kaur Monga
Sagar Saini Ajeet Monga
Anita Kulkarni Mandeep Kaur Brar
Vaishnavi Ganatra Ekam Kaur Brar
Avinash Wadhawan Inder Singh Brar
Anshu Varshney Gurleen Kaur Brar
Sailesh Gulabani Jaspal Singh Brar
Rose Sardana Kiara Kaur Baweja
Gauri Tonk Jasleen Kaur Baweja

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