Colors Tv Parineeti Upcoming Story: Neeti Throws Parineeti out of the house

Parineetii Written Story: Colors TV

  The first episode of the romantic drama television series Parineetii, which is in the Hindi language, aired on Colors TV on February 14, 2022. Voot offers digital streaming of it. All the Parineetii Aaj Ka Episode are presented on the Undekha serial too.

In this serial Anchal Sahu, Tanvi Dogra, Ankur Verma, and Aman Gandhi are the leading cast. This Show is produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor, under the banner of Balaji Telefilms production. The story revolves around Neeti Juneja and Parineet Makar who are two best friends and exist in two bodies with one soul.

While Parineet is naive and kind, Neeti is a reckless and ambitious young girl. When Rajeev Bajwa, a young man, joins them, their friendship and lives are permanently changed. As Two friends Parineet Kakkar and Neetii Juneja collectively go by the name Parineetii. Rajeev Bajwa is a happy child who enjoys his life while his mother looks for a girl for him.

Rajeev Marries Parineeti: Voot

However, Rajeev marries Parineet under certain circumstances surrounding Varun and Parineet’s union. He marries Parineet even though he doesn’t like her for his mother’s sake. Gurinder desired to attain the largest landholding in the community. Parineet stays in the Kakkar residence while Rajeev relocates to Chandigarh.

Three months later, Rajeev and his cousins are residing in his aunt’s home in Chandigarh as Sanju Mehra. In Chandigarh, Neetii is finishing her Air Hostess training. Parineet remains at the Kakkar residence. In a college, Jaswanth passes away. In Chandigarh, Mandeep drops Parineet off. After meeting Neetii, Parineet lives with her. Neetii accepts Rajeev’s proposal at a gathering, not realizing that he is Parineet’s husband.

Parineeti Twist: Rajeev Cheats on Parineeti &marries Neeti

As Neetii accepts Rajeev’s marriage proposal, so they get married. Rajeev is being knifed by Rakesh’s attackers. But Parineet plays a role to save him. Rajeev informs Neetii in a letter that he is unable to marry her. But Sukhvinder, her mother, reads the letter instead of Neetii. Sukhvinder is shot before telling Neetii this. As Sukhvinder lives, she begins to worry that she will die in just a few days.

As a result, she pressures Rajeev to marry Neeti so that Rajeev can look for her daughter. While she is away. Rajeev gives in to her demands and marries Neeti without telling Parineet. After noticing a lipstick stain on Rajeev’s shirt, Parineet begins to have suspicions about him.

Further Parineet is advised by Neetii to follow Rajeev. The following evening, Rajeev and Neetii have plans to have supper, but Parineet follows them. But Rajeev manages to trick her again later. Rajeev and his wife are invited to Rajeev’s best friend’s sangeet. He asks Neetii, who initially declines because she needs to return to work. But she somehow manages to get another week off. So she tells Rajeev in a happy mood, shocking him because he had already told Parineet to come. Rakesh, however, comes up in Chandigarh to keep Parineet and Rajeev apart. He kidnaps Neetii along with his crew, then gets off in a crash. Parineet drives her to the hospital, but it turns out that Sanju and Rajeev are the same people.

Parineeti Finds out about Rajeev’s Extra-Marital Affair:

As Rajeev’s grandma enters his home, Parineet begins to hate him. She declares Rajeev and Parineet’s remarriage. Parineet is extremely upset. She exposes Rajeev’s double truth to everyone on the day of his remarriage. Everyone was stunned. Soon Parineet discovers Neetii is expecting Rajeev’s child. The news shocks Parineet to her core. She goes to a Devi temple before deciding to take her own life in an effort to preserve Neetii and Rajeev’s relationship just for Neetii. When Rajeev and his family spot Parineet’s dupatta close to the hill, they stop looking for her and assume she has vanished. Parineet, however, is still alive; Rajeev mistakenly believed she had passed away.

The truth about Neetii’s pregnancy is revealed by Parineet after a lengthy and emotional discussion. In this sense, Parineet is able to keep her commitment to Neetii. Although she later questions whether or not her choice was right. Parineet is saddened to observe Rajeev’s everlasting love for Neetii. Which she never received and which he finally expressed after a massive drama.

The Bajwa family welcomes Neetii with open arms. Gurinder attempts to humiliate Parineet by planning several Rasams in an effort to harm her even more. However, Parineet bears all the pain for Neetii’s sake. One of the guests visited them during Parineet’s Muh-Dikhai rasam, which is when Parineet noticed it. Chandrika and Amit will help Parineet quickly resolve the issue in order to maintain Parminder’s respect. Rajeev feels bad about how he treated Parineet. Parineet refuses Rajeev’s apology attempts.

Parineeti Upcoming Twist: Pari faints in Karwa Chauth Event

The date of Karwa Chauth soon arrives. And Neetii wishes to fast for Rajeev to live a long life as many other brides do. Nobody is aware that Parineet also observed a fast in support of Rajeev’s long life. Parminder questions Parineet about whether or not she kept the fast. And after pretending, Parineet shows that she didn’t. Parineet falls down as the fast is being broken because she had kept it all day. And Rajeev breaks her fast. After finally making up her mind to leave the Bajwa home, Parineet informs everyone that Rajeev had called her.

Parminder follows up by asking Parineet why to which she responds that she wants Neetii to live happily with Sanju (Rajeev). Parineet then has an emotional conversation with Parminder. Before giving Rajeev the Mangalsutra, at that moment she finally goes. For misleading Parineet, Rajeev is furious.

Moreover gets caught in front of ‘Neetii. Neetii reveals that Sanju and Pari had a hidden relationship. She commits suicide but is saved in the hospital. Also, She begins to hate her when Babli tells her the reality about Rajeev and Parineeti’s wedding. But it turns out that all of this was only Parineet’s nightmare and nothing of the sort truly occurred.

Parineeti drama on Colors Tv Sab Details

Television Show Parineetii
Recurring Cast Vishal Solanki, Ashish Dixit, Coral Bhamra,
Abhinandan Singh, Dolly Sohi, Kaushal Kapoor
Khushi Bharadwaj, Siya Bhatia, Arpana Agarwal,
Jeetu Vazirani, Anjali Mukhi, Aakash Talwar, Vaishnavi Mahant
Bobby Parvez, Tiara Gujral, Rishi Grover, 
Country India 
Language Hindi 
Network Zee Tv
Release Date  14  February 2022-present
Episodes 259

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