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Junooniyat: Colors Tv 

Junooniyat is a Hindi Romantic serial. It is broadcasted on Colors Tv after the end of the Bigg Boss 16 show. Junooniyat’s show was released on 13th February 2023. As All the Junooniyat Episodes are telecasted from 8.30 PM. And telecast days are Monday – Friday. Also, the Junoniyat drama serial is produced by India’s most popular producers and Actors ‘Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. As, they have given very successful projects to Entertainment Industry such as ‘Udaariyan. All the Junooniyat Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha Serial daily, under the banner of Dreamiyata LTD Productions.

Before selecting the name Junooniyat, it was chosen to be named Muqammal. But it was later changed to the current name. Well, this famous series is in the Hindi-Indian language and is full of Suspense, action, and Romance.  

Further, The Promo of the show is released on 1st February 2023 on Voot Channel. This serial is full of unpredictable storylines and acts. Also, when there are India’s famous actors who are performing with their full Zeast in the show. It is surely going to give this serial a huge round of applause. Ankit Gupta and Gautam Singh Vig are playing the main lead roles. And Neha Rana is performing as the female protagonist character in Serial.   

Junooniyat Show Details: Colors TV

Here is the detailed description of this Colors TV serial, Junooniyat’. And you can also check all of its Written Updates,  Twists, Future Updates, and TRP Ratings only on DesiTV. 

Television Show Junooniyatt
Main Star Cast Ankit Gupta

Gautam Singh Vig

Neha Rana

Country         India
Language     Hindi

Telecast Timing           

Colors Tv

23 mins


Telecast Days                                 


Monday – Friday

Release Date & Timing    13 February 2023, 8:30 PM

Junooniyatt Episode Written Update: Voot

As, the story of the serial Junooniyat revolves around three characters, Elahi, Jahaan, and Jordan. Which is performed by famous Bollywood actors, Neha Rana, Gautam Singh, and Bigg Boss 16 Contestant Ankit Gupta respectively. Also, this show is based on a triangle Love Story, and all the characters have been given a similar passionate storyline. Which will become the main, they all will cross paths. And If we talk about Sargun Mehta’s other shows. 

Well, it might sound prejudiced but all of her works are full of passion, and hard work. As they are new in the producing line But Sargun and Dubey’s efforts are not low. The makers of this serial have been doing a great effort to bring originality and great couple chemistry to the show. 

Neha is playing the role of Elahi, a very beautiful, and intelligent girl. Elahi loves singing but her family is against her passion. She meets Jahaan and soon they both get attracted to each other. Her attraction towards him is only because of his loving and supportive nature.

Jahaan and Jordan fight: 

Though, Jahaan is a very simple, and hardworking boy. But Jordan has a very strong sense of style. Jahan had a classical singing style while Jordan loves Pop. Jordan also starts liking Elahi because of her beautiful looks and her voice. At the time of the singing competition, these three meet.  She gets drawn to Jordan because of his concerns. However, Elahi did not have any idea what is about to happen in her life. The existence of these two young boys is going to create a mess. Besides that, Jordan’s nature is also strange to understand. He had a lot of quarrels with his father. 

Well, there is no such reason to like Jordan but his weird attitude is gaining her attention. To find out more about Jordan and Jahan, she decides to spend a day with him. 

Jahaan, Elahi, and Jordan Love Story: Colors TV

Moreover, it is a fictional Television soap, and Jodi is gaining the audience’s love. Jahan is a sincere man and does not lie to Elahi. Which is a clear portrayal that he is a loyal man. And he also likes her too. Well, After one episode Elahi had to face a lot of difficulties. Her parents have been separated when she was younger. She was raised by her father. And he is the only support in her life. Her father is the only one who looks after and takes care of her. 

Though, he did not have an as strong personality. This is guessed by the other family members’ behavior toward Elahi. Elhai has immense love for singing. But her family hates her passion. And they consider it taboo for a woman to be a singer. Because in Asian history, Women who belonged to good families did not have a passion for singing. For persuading her passion for her career Elhai had been beaten by her ‘Chcahi’ a lot of times. 

But, she never gave up on that. She knew it is the only way of getting freedom from her toxic life. Elahi has been humiliated and punished by their family members and neighbors also. But, After gaining strength and courage, she always stood up for her father. 

Meanwhile, Jordan makes his surprising entry in the episode. This makes Jahaan insecure after noticing that Jordan is only keeping his eyes on Elahi. Well, Jordan holds grudge against his father in his heart. And, he has only one aim to get everything for him. Either, it is his lover or his Identity. 

Jordan Fights with his Dad: Elahi and Jehan Resolve

Moreover, in the coming episodes, Jordan and Elahi cross paths. In a concert, they both appear as contestants, Well, in the promo of the serial, the story seemed to be quite predictable. These three have been living separately with their own aims. Their paths were the same, missions were the same. But, the reasons for pursuing singing as a career were different. Moreover, Jordan’s father is constantly in great tension because of him. Elahi also confesses her love for her father. And promises herself to become a great singer one day. 

Well, the story of Junooniyatt is only about these three characters, Jahaan, Jordan, and their love life, Elahi. As Elahi does not belong to them. They have different priorities and personality traits. Well, things are not clear yet but things revolve around them. The storyline is full of Passion, secrets, Romance, and musical Touch. 

Junooniyat Serial Cast, Name, and Photo:

Ankit Gupta

Gautam Singh Vig

Neha Rana

Junooniyat TRP and Barc Charts Rating:

The main cast of this series has Popular actors like Ankit Gupta, Gautam Singh, and Neharana. Their fans are desperately looking for them. Especially for Ankit Gupta, to appear on the Colors TV screen together with Neha. Well, if you do not know, Ankit Gupta has been the BiggBoss16 Contestant. He has also famous for his role in the colors Tv serial ‘Udaariyan’. Along, with his best friend Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, who was also his Co-actress. They both have given huge popularity to the serial with their best on-screen Jodi’s Chemistry. 

The Plot of the series is full of Musical elements after the release of its promo. It has earned the attention of a lot of audiences. Well, the actor’s fan following also plays a huge role in the Barc & Trp’s of Junoniyat. Much of the audience has shown Love and interest. As the Trp Rating of the serial is not yet going very high. But, it is expected to break the record Barc charts within a month.

Famous Works of Dreamiyata Productions:

Further, the Junooniyat series is produced by Dreams Entertainment productions. Which has already made its name in the Indian industry by giving us ‘Udaariyan’. And Udaariyan serial is one of their biggest award-winning projects. Well, Dream productions are launched by Sargun Mehta and her husband Ravi Prakash Dubey in the year 2016. Moreover, Not only that, this series ‘is going to be one of the most successful works of Dream Productions. 

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