Anupamaa Shocking Twist: Anuj and Anupama Breaking their marriage

Anupamaa Story: Disney+ HotStar

 Anupama is an Indian Television series in the Hindi language produced by Rajan and Dipa Shahi on Star Plus. This drama serial was released on 13 July 2020, under the banner of Kut Productions. Anupama serial casts Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey. All the Anupama Aaj Ka Episode are presented on Undekha Serial daily.

Anupama is a story of a middle-class, married Woman ‘Anupama’ who has three children. she lives with her husband Vanraj who is a  well-educated man. Rupali Ganguly is playing the role of Anupama and Sudhanshu Pandey is performing the role of Vanraj Shah. Anupama is a locing housewife, who is committed to her husband and family. She does everything a perfect woman does except earning, which is the main cause of her separation from her husband.

Anupama Demands Divorce from her husband:

Anupamaa is an uneducated woman and for that reason, he always humiliates her for not being compatible with him. Her simplicity, her dedication, and her love are not appreciated by him and he starts an extra-marital affair with his colleague Kavya. Kavya is a very smart, beautiful, and modern girl but a selfish one. Both Anupama and Kavya had different personality traits, she is an evil,  gold digger woman and Anupama is a sacrificing woman. Who for the sake of her happiness sacrifices her self-respect, and her dreams. And Vanraj expects praising her efforts to humiliate her every single time by calling her ‘Useless’ and ‘Anparh’.

Anupama Drama Serial Cast Details, StarPlus:

Real Name Role Name Relations
Rupali Ganguly Anupama    Vanraj Shah Ex Wif
Paras Kalnawat
Aashish Mehrotra
Pakhi aka Sweety  
Paritosh aka Toshu
Anupama’s daughter
Vanjraj young son
Anu’s elder son
Sudhanshu Pandey  Vanraj Shah Anupama’s husband
Gaurav Khanna Anuj Anupama Husband

Kavya and Vanraj Jealous of Anupama’s Success:

Anupama was unaware of the reality as one day she finds out about her husband’s affair breaks her heart and shatters her dreams. Anupama’s serial story takes a great shift when Anupama caught her husband red-handedly with Kavya. Everyone predicted the story will continue the same and Anupama will be playing the role of a lost woman but the twist in the serial surprised the audience.

Rather than losing her identity she stood strongly for her rights and demanded a divorce. she broke her silence which was a positive lesson for the women out there who are facing the same issues. This drama serial presents a moral lesson and empowerment theme too that even a single uneducated woman can stand up for her rights rather than keep on bearing unequal rights. 

In this iconic Television serial, ‘Anupamaa’s character is presented as a massive one. She is uneducated but has got high standards. Also has morals and is a great cook which is the most skilled quality in each Asian woman.

Anupama and Anuj Love Story: Star Plus

Rather than mourning her loss, she decides to peruse for her dream of becoming a great cook. She starts her own little food delivery business. And there she meets a famous entrepreneur; Anuj who has recently come back from America. Before meeting him Anupama did not know he was her classmate.

Well, it can be said, fate is in the favor of Anupama she is lucky to have Anuj in her life as a mentor. They both join each other and become a team, and as time passes. Anuj falls in love with Anupama. But as she is a broken soul, she cannot trust anybody again nor she is willing to move on. Later, after a lot of effort, Anuj and Anupama get married. And. a never-ending love bond creates between them. And that makes Vanraj jealous.

As, Kavya is jealous because Anupama has married a very rich man and Vanraj’s jealousy is to see them happy. Well, that is what they both deserve to face. In the Latest Anupama episodes, Anupama’s daughter Pakhi falls in love with Adhik and as they are immature individuals her father Vanraj rebukes on her and tells her to finish everything right now. Pakhi and Adhik became friends in their school and at the baby show of their friend Kinjali. They were exposed, and as Pakhi is a young girl she goes against her father’s instructions and marries Adhik.

Anupama marries Anuj: Vanraj Jealous

As a lot of problems have surrounded Anupama. She is worried about her daughter’s life and on the other hand. The goon’s boys are threatening her. Though, Pakhi is taken back to her home with Vanraj where Anupama hugs her but in anger. She pushes her back. On the other hand, Dimple’s case has become a major problem in her life.

In the Recent episodes of Anupama, she cuts the light off Mehta’s house. So, she can find the evidence to solve the case. As getting justice is her main motive right now. But, Pakhi is a very stubborn child; she hates her mother for her simple nature.

Anupama on Star plus tv show Sab Details: 

Television Show  Anupama
Main Star Cast  Rupali Ganguly 

Gaurav Khanna

Madalsa Sharma

Paras Kalnawat

Country  India 
Language  Hindi 
Network  Star Plus
Channel  Star plus tv
Release Date  13 July 2022 
Episodes 763 ( Season 1)

Anupama UpComing Episode Written Update:

But, in the upcoming episodes of the serial because of Pakhi, Anuj and Anupama’s relationship is getting into trouble. Anupama wants to solve her daughter’s matter on her because her daughter is a stupid and ill-mannered girl and if she will say something rude to Anuj it will hurt her too.

Moreover, She asks Anuj to stay away from Pakhi’s matter. But, there falls into a disruptive conversation where Anupama rudely asks Anuj to not interfere in her matter. Pakhi is not his daughter but hers. So, if anything happens in her life, it is Anupama’s responsibility to solve the matter, not his. This hurts Anuj a lot. And, he starts believing that he has no place in her wife’s life nor does his genuine care or respect matter for her.

Well, Pakhi is no less than a Wicked nature girl, before marrying Adhik. She knew he was not well-settled and could not get her a luxurious lifestyle…Then why she is playing the wicked woman card and bringing Anuj and Anupama against each other? 

Anupama Star Plus Cast, Name & Photo: 

Rupali Ganguly 

Gaurav Khanna

Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty 

Paras Kalnawat

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