Aashiqana Season 3 Latest Twist: Yash and Chikki finds out Baby’s Truth


Are you looking for the best Indian series? Then you are definitely at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting Hindi series. All the Aashiqana 3 Aaj Ka Episodes are presented on Undekha serial daily.

Aashiqana is one of the most popular Hindi series which is full of thrills, fun, entertainment, and romance. It is based on the story of a respected police officer and a young woman who wants to join the police force. Both of them are grieving due to the great loss of their loved ones. 

Furthermore, Aashiqana airs on Disney Plus and Hotstar from Monday to Saturday.

The Director and series producer of Aashiqana is Gul Khan. Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi Dubey are playing the lead roles.

Star Plus: Aashiqana Season 1 Written Story

The drama series revolves around a policeman and a young woman. Yash Chauhan is a police officer who is grieving over the sudden death of a family member. Chikki Sharma is also facing almost the same case. She wants to join the police branch like her father. She took the exam twice but unfortunately could not pass the exam.

The story comes through the character of Chikki. Chikki is a passionate woman who wants to do something with her life. She wants to change it. When you watch the series, you will know that she has faced many terrible things in his life. That is why she is staying at her aunt and uncle’s house. A turning point comes in her life when she meets Yash Chauhan, who is a police officer. who has brutally killed many girls? and now Chikki is his rare character. A murder mystery is also included in the story.

Yash and Chikki Encounter:

In the first season of Aashiqana, the don of the killer gang, Musa, kills a woman on the day of Puja. Mumbai Police reached the scene and arrested the gangster. Don Musa told the inspector that I have committed many murders, and the next one is yours. I will kill you. After a while, a boy lay down in front of the police car and fought with the police to save him, and at that time Chikki saw the whole scene behind the crane. She thought that Yash was a gangster who was fighting with the police.

When Yash was about to complete his mission and reached his car, Chikki threw something onto the car from a crane. Fortunately, Yash jumped out of the car.  And then Chikki realizes that it is his mission to save Don Moses and he wants to reach his gang through Don Moses. Because of Chikki,  he failed in his mission. After that, Yash and Chikki start fighting.

Aashiqana Season 2 Written Story:

In Aashiqana season 2, Khushi Dubey plays Chikki’s role, who is married and a little bit more mature this season. Chikki is a very joyful character After marriage, she is trying to solve Yash’s problem sensibly. But, She has to be determined to have the right opinion. She is enjoying her married life with her joyful personality. She is trying to adjust to her life in Yash’s house. In season 2, her wardrobe is also changed. Because this time she presented herself in the traditional clothing style which is Saree. And that is the clear presentation of a married woman in Indian society.

Chikki Marries to Yash:

The series begins with the most thrilling scene when Yash Chauhan is in the hospital and Chikki comes to the hospital to look at her. After some scenes, an unknown person comes and kidnaps the chikki. The kidnapper was a gangster. He informs Yash about his wife. After hearing this, Yash reaches the spot and does some fighting with Karanvir to rescue his wife. But the noticeable thing is that Karanvir was still alive after three bullets hit him.

Aashiqana season 3 is full of thrills and romance. In this season, the lead roles are played by  Yash Chauhan and Chikki Sharma. Both of them are doing such a good job in this series.

Chikki was tied around the neck with a rope. Yash was staring at Chakki. When he tried to go to the mill, he fell to the ground because his neck was also caught in the rope. A villain named Sachin came and removed the mask from his face. After some time, Yash breaks his rope and rescues his wife as well. And there is a fight between Yash and Sachin. After the fight, Yash and Chikki came back to the house.

Latest Twist: Chikki Finds the Baby’s Identity

Chakki traces Karma’s call and reaches her house, where she finds nothing but Yash’s pictures in the house. Then Chikki picked up Karma’s phone, who said I am not at home. While searching for Chakki, Yash reached the market, where someone stabbed him with a knife. Chakki came to the market and rescued him and helped him reach home. Seeing Yash’s condition, the family members were worried.

At the same time, there was an explosion in the house, and seven bodies were found. They identified these bodies. Which one body belonged to Bani? Yash calls Bani and thinks that Bani is alive. And everyone found out that Bani is the mother of Yash’s child. After revealing this news, Chakki was so upset that she left Yash’s house.

Meanwhile, When everyone is so busy finding the culprit and Yash and Chikki are also involved in the case despite their dispute with each other. These cases and especially the child are becoming the reason for their reunion. The two love birds who have lost their hope in each other seem to be coming back. Chikki has started taking care of Yash while Yash is also finding his love back in her.  

Chikki and Yash Reunion:

However, Yash has started hating Chikki and she also has destined herself for him. Still, Yash saves her from dying when the killer tries to kill both of them by handing them the ropes. Yash saves Khushi but in the end, she slaps him for getting her in such trouble. She could have died too if he got late. But when Yash remembers what Chikki had tried to do with him in the past. He stands back and asks her to go home. Later, Chikki finds out that this mysterious baby belongs to Yash. But Yash is unaware of the fact that the killer is trying to trap him. And that killer is none other than his close police partner who is in love with Chikki. He swears that if he will not get Chikki, he will not let her be Yash too.

Though, Yash and Chikki both are unaware of his traps and evil plans. The main actress of the web series, Khushi, who we will see play Chikki, spoke about the couple’s relationship on screen and said that due to many misunderstandings, the two could not stay together and were ready to face another drama in their lives with more problems in their relationship.

Yash and Chikki are constantly arguing and trying to find a way out of this situation. This series is launched with more intense drama, Huge action, with a lot of twists, and turns. These two love birds have to go through unconditional situations when the strange-mysterious baby comes into their lives.

With the arrival of a baby in Yash and Chikki’s lives, the drama is tripled. It will definitely affect their relationship and make it more complex. With assassins roaming the city, Yash faces many challenges, which only creates another mystery around him.

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